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Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Join the Club!

If you’re looking for a local, trusted, and professional plumbing and HVAC company, then you’ve found the solution right here with Metro PHA. If you want to take your home care one step further, our home maintenance plan will help you with just that.

Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers an exclusive and comprehensive Membership Club to all of its customers in the Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Dalton communities.

For just $10.95 a month you’ll receive premier maintenance and special discounts, along with the peace of mind only preventative tune-ups and extended warranties can provide.

Club Perks:

  • Precision A/C Tune-Up — Includes cleaning indoor/outdoor, testing, and routine maintenance
  • Precision Heat Tune-Up — Includes cleaning indoor/outdoor, testing, and routine maintenance
  • Plumbing Tune-Up — Dye test toilets for leaks, pressure testing, water heater flush, visual leak check, valve tests, and aerators cleaned
  • Guaranteed Priority Service — We will put our club members ahead of scheduled customers and guarantee same day service!
  • Discounted Repairs — 10% of all repair prices!
  • Discounted Replacements — Promotional pricing on all new installations and discounted financing terms
  • Discounted Service Call
  • Extended Warranties on all services
  • Auto Renewal of Club Membership

Our Club Perks will keep your major home systems in check. For just $10.95 a month, plus $4 a month for any additional HVAC units, you’ve got complete plumbing and HVAC system security. Join today!

Client Benefits

  • HVAC tune-ups everywhere else are upwards of $79 a pop! Not only are you saving on your heating and air costs, but also, because we do it all, plumbing is included!
  • About 70% of our service calls could be prevented or caught earlier with this program. No more emergencies!
  • It also saves about 20% on utility bills! Especially if your units are unknowingly dirty and have leaky fixtures you can’t hear!

Considering that a new HVAC system, and some repairs, cost thousands of dollars, our maintenance plan is just pocket change in comparison. Despite the low price, you’ll reap enormous rewards. Wouldn’t you like to double the life of your plumbing and HVAC systems? We thought so…

Call Metro PHA today for more information on our Club Perks: 423-855-0967