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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing & Certification

Need to test your backflow device? Call your Chattanooga backflow testing and certification experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Long-term solutions and upfront pricing are guaranteed!

Water used for irrigation purposes can contain pesticides and other contaminants, which may find their way into your water supply. This is why regular backflow testing is crucial.

Your local backflow testing and certification team at Metro PHA provides annual testing for residents throughout Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dalton, and the surrounding areas.

What is backflow testing?

Backflow refers to water that has been introduced to contaminants taking a reverse course back into your potable water supply. Back-pressure and Back-siphonage are two potential problems. When water reverses direction, contaminants can enter your water supply.

Residential and commercial locations must have backflow controlled in order to prevent dangerous toxins from harming those who consume the water. A backflow device is attached to the plumbing system to protect the water supply from contamination. Without a backflow device installed, clean water can mix with harmful water.

What is the law regarding testing in Chattanooga?

Local law requires annual backflow testing on all properties with a backflow device installed. Your Metro PHA Master Team has completed extensive training to make sure you receive accurate results. We will also handle all of the paperwork necessary to certify your property is compliant with local code.

Backflow prevention devices can wear down over time. To make sure that they are always performing in top condition, contact us for timely repair. Annual device testing also keeps the water supply safe.

What is the testing process?

The backflow testing process is straightforward. The main water supply is shut off before any work begins. We will connect the testing device directly to the backflow prevention system to verify its performance. If the device is installed inside, someone must be present to allow access to the structure. If the testing can be performed outside, you do not have to be home for us to complete the testing.

Contact us today!

Chattanooga residents who live in low-lying areas are particularly vulnerable to backflow and water contamination. Backflow is dangerous not only to your household, but it can also affect your neighbors’ homes as well. A faulty backflow device can introduce contaminants into the water that you use for bathing, drinking, and cooking. Regular testing is crucial in guaranteeing consistent performance.

Make sure your backflow device is up to code.

Call today at 423-855-0967 to schedule an appointment with our certified backflow testers. Quality results guaranteed.