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Chattanooga Hydrojetting Services

Quality Hydrojetting Solutions Since 1989

Return your pipes to like-new condition. Call your Chattanooga hydrojetting experts at Metro Plumbing.

Clear out severely clogged sewer lines with our licensed and professional hydrojetting team. Metro Plumbing provides the expertise needed to resolve your most challenging plumbing issues. Contact us today for immediate hydrojetting solutions at competitive rates.

What are the benefits of hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is an advanced technique for clearing sewers and drains when traditional methods are not effective. Enjoy these benefits when you choose our hydrojetting services:

  • Complete drain clean: Hydrojetting involves blasting a high-pressure stream of water to completely clear out debris in your sewer line. This process removes all obstructions that prevent water from flowing through the drain.
  • Removes stubborn residue: Hydrojetting is also used to remove all types of residue that block your drains, including sand, soap, grease, and mud.
  • Safe on pipes: There is great risk of damaging sewer pipes when attempting to remove debris using traditional methods. Since hydrojetting only uses water, this process does not damage the pipes.
  • Eliminates bacteria: Hydrojetting eliminates bacteria found in drains. Bacteria are not only responsible for discharging foul odors from drains, but they also lead to health problems if not removed in a timely manner.

When is this service necessary?

Hydrojetting is required when traditional drain cleaning methods, such as snaking, fail to remove stubborn debris. Hydrojetting is also necessary before pipelining to clear any debris before treating the damaged pipes. Debris in the pipes may prevent the epoxy lining resin from bonding to the damaged pipe.

Are your sewer pipes severely clogged? Before you think about replacing them altogether, contact us for an inspection. All it may need is hydrojetting.

Replacing your pipes can be costly. Instead of resorting to complete pipe replacement, it is more cost-effective to perform hydrojetting. This will clear the entire system and allow us to easily reach and treat stubborn clogs that are not accessible through other methods.

What kinds of drain or sewer line problems will this solve?

Hydrojetting is an effective solution for clearing just about any kind of debris. While you can consider other methods for treating simple clogs that are easy to spot, clogs deeper in the sewer line are more difficult to trace.

Common blockages removed during hydrojetting include grease, food particles, scale buildup, and tree roots that have grown into the line. Hydrojetting is a popular technique used in both residential and commercial properties.

Hydrojetting is also used to treat damaged or leaking pipes in the sewer system. Chemicals are applied to fix the pipes internally. However, before the application of chemicals, it is necessary to clear the pipes of debris that can prevent the chemicals from bonding to the damaged pipes.

Hydrojetting is used to clear out the deepest reaches of the pipeline and rid all debris before repairing the actual pipes.

Get rid of years of stubborn buildup in your sewer line with professional hydrojetting services.

Call today at 423-855-0967 to schedule an immediate appointment.