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Jet-Vacuum Cleaning

Jet-Vacuum Sewer Line Services

Need to clear your sewer line of stubborn debris? Call your Chattanooga jet-vacuum sewer-cleaning experts at Metro Plumbing.

Jet-vacuum cleaning is a relatively recent method developed for clearing clogged sewer lines. This service involves using high-powered jets and hoses to blast debris and roots out of the sewer line. This takes significantly less time to complete than traditional drain cleaning methods such as snaking.

What are the benefits of jet-vacuum services?

Many cleaning methods involve the use of harsh chemicals or disruptive techniques that are damaging not only to the sewer system, but to the surrounding environment as well.Jet-vacuum cleaning avoids these issues by offering an environmentally safe option that is both efficient and economical.

Jet-vacuum cleaning removes almost every kind of debris in the line, making it one of the most effective cleaning methods. It will also eliminate emergency drain problems with ease!

How often should cleaning be performed?

Jet-vacuum cleaning services should be performed at least once a year as part of routine maintenance. The process is quick, which means any downtime will be short.

Jet-vacuum cleaning greatly reduces the risk of major problems due to tree root invasion, debris, clogging, and other common sewer line issues.

What sewer line problems does it solve?

One of the most common sewer line problems involves tree roots breaking in and blocking the line. While the roots can be cut using traditional methods, accessing them is often difficult.

This is where jet-vacuum cleaning comes in. We can sever these roots and blast them out of the sewer line using high-powered jets that emit up to 3,000 psi.

By eliminating these roots, you can significantly reduce the risk of having a clog in the line. Debris will no longer get caught in the roots and accumulate, while existing debris throughout the line will be swept away along with the roots.

Jet-vacuum systems also help reduce the risk of further clogging, as the high amount of pressure will break down large chunks of debris and buildup into more manageable pieces.

Silt that has been caught in the sewer will also be pumped out into large reservoir tanks, clearing the sewers of liquefied sludge that might present problems of its own. These reservoirs can then be sanitized.

Get professional jet-vacuum cleaning services to clear out your sewer line.

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