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Plumbing Line Camera Inspections

Professional Sewer and Drain Inspections, Repairs, and Replacements

Repair your sewer line faster with a camera inspection. Call your Chattanooga sewer line camera inspection team at Metro Plumbing. Providing quality results since 1989!

Camera inspections are used to assess problems in pipes located underground or beneath your home’s foundation. Using a sewer line camera takes the guesswork out of pipe problems and accurately determines their condition.

Metro Plumbing is your local and professional sewer line camera inspection expert with the tools and experience to identify all issues within your sewer line.

Mainline Camera Inspections

With our industrial-grade pipeline cameras, we can diagnose a huge variety of plumbing problems without having to disrupt your home or routine.

Mainline Repairs

Our high-tech pipeline inspection camera system allows us to identify leaks and faulty plumbing installations, plan future plumbing projects, monitor corrosion and damage, as well as determine remaining pipe life.

Instead of digging up your whole yard and disrupting your life and routine, Metro Plumbing has the non-invasive technology to avoid any unnecessary damage.

  • Timely
  • Noninvasive
  • Cost-effective
  • Damage Free

What are the benefits of sewer camera inspections?

One of the advantages of sewer camera inspections is the visual proof of the condition of your pipes. During the inspection, we are able to observe real-time video footage and direct the camera to examine the issue more closely once a problem is identified.

In some cases, you may be required to provide documentation proving a plumbing issue. The sewer camera inspection makes it possible to provide multimedia documentation to insurance companies when filing a claim.

We use a sewer camera reaching 72 inches. In addition to the length of the camera, we also need to consider the diameter of the affected pipe. The camera and wire must be slightly narrower than the pipe to allow for efficient inspection.

Residential Drain Camera Inspections

We run camera inspections with every residential drain cleaning call. Doing this enables us to provide a full year-long warranty on all drain cleaning services because we’ve looked and know that your drains are clean and clear before we finish. And as a Membership Club member you receive a full two-year warranty on and plumbing or HVAC repairs we perform.

When is this sewer service necessary?

In addition to troubleshooting suspected sewer line issues, a video camera inspection proves helpful for those purchasing a new home. The inspection can reveal undetected problems that can later cause flood damage and lead to costly repair work.

A sewer camera can effectively detect tree roots, blockages, cracks, and separations in pipes that may otherwise be overlooked by home inspectors and interested buyers.

In the past, investigating a clogged sewer line required excavation and disassembling pipes to determine the cause of the problem. The extra labor that was required to dig up the pipe made the cost of sewer inspection much more expensive. Now, developments in technology have allowed video camera inspections to eliminate the inconvenience and added cost of excavation.

Want more information on sewer line video inspections?

Whether you are purchasing a new house or have an unexpected plumbing issue in your current home, a sewer camera inspection is an effective way to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Video inspections save time and money by providing fast answers to the issues affecting your sewer line.

A Metro Plumbing expert is always available to answer pressing questions and provide honest, upfront solutions. Find out what’s wrong with your sewer line without ruining your yard by calling us today! We provide convenient video camera inspections at competitive rates.

Find out more about noninvasive sewer line camera inspections by asking a Metro Plumbing expert.

Quality results and complete satisfaction are guaranteed when you call Metro: (423) 855-0967