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Septic Tank Plumbing Service

Fast and Efficient Septic Tank Solutions

Need a Chattanooga septic tank plumbing expert? Call Metro Plumbing for immediate help. Upfront pricing options and long term results guaranteed.

Is it time to pump the septic tank on your property? Maybe you are looking for professional repair and replacement services? Whatever you need done to your septic tank system, we have you covered.

Metro Plumbing is your reliable Chattanooga-area septic tank plumbing team. You can count on us to deliver desired results. Our experts provide some of the fastest and most efficient septic tank solutions in the area.

How often should the septic tank be pumped?

We recommend annual septic tank maintenance. This way, we can check the sludge and scum levels and make sure everything is working properly. Most septic tanks will need to be pumped every 2-4 years, however, a well-maintained and managed system can go 10 years or more between pumpings.

Periodic pumping helps you avoid costly repairs later on. It’s essential to address any septic issues as soon as possible to prevent waste from reaching the groundwater during a system failure.

To prevent septic tank problems, we highly recommend being mindful of what you put down your pipes. Never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Not even those so-called “flushable” moist towelettes!

What are common septic tank problems?

One of the most common septic tank problems involves the soak-away area. This area is a large pit with rubble that absorbs waste and soaks into the ground. Since soak-away areas tend to fail over time, it is crucial to be aware of failure signs. These signs include overflowing toilets and unexpected, foul odors coming from the drains.

Another septic tank problem is sludge buildup. When sewage starts to back up into the home from your drains, this is a strong sign that the sludge levels in the septic tank need to be addressed immediately.

If you smell sewer odors from any of your drains and are sure that it isn’t just a dried out P-trap, call Metro Plumbing immediately. The same goes for if water begins rising up and out of any of your drains, especially after flushing the toilet.

The health and functionality of your septic system depends on how you treat it.

What happens during annual maintenance?

We advise regular septic tank inspections to ensure its efficiency. Most septic system failures result from lack of maintenance and not pumping the tank when needed.

Septic tanks are specifically designed for solids and other materials to create a layer of sludge at the bottom of the tank. We can remove this layer so that solids do not clog your disposal system and cause the system to fail.

While we have the tools and equipment to provide comprehensive maintenance checks, you can also do your part to make sure your septic system continues to operate at its best. Be mindful of what enters your drains.

Any heavy paper materials such as paper towels and napkins should not be flushed. Chemicals such as detergent and bleach can also harm the natural living environment crucial to the septic system.

Through professional maintenance and personal care, your septic system will operate at its full potential and enjoy an extended service life.

Ask about our 100% money back guarantee and coupon savings.

Call Metro today at (423) 855-0967 for specialized septic tank plumbing services.