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Sewer Line Repair

Professional Sewer Line Repair Services

Looking for a reliable Chattanooga sewer line repair expert? Call Metro Plumbing. We’ve provided upfront pricing and guaranteed solutions since 1989.

Having sewer line problems? Make sure to take the proper steps in getting your plumbing system back in order before you’re faced with a costly emergency. You may already be in need of immediate professional plumbing services. Read on to find out the signs and the benefits of working with an experienced plumbing contractor.

What are signs you need sewer line repair?

Do you suspect a problem with your sewer line? Be on the lookout for sewage leaking onto your yard, unusual gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, and persistent drain clogs that won’t seem to go away. These are all signs that there is an issue deeper in the sewer line. Contact us for an inspection and the right solution.

What are the benefits of calling Metro Plumbing?

Our sewer line repair experts will survey the problem before starting any repair work. We will discuss the problems you have noticed, and then you can leave the rest of the work to us.

We are up-to-date on the latest safety codes and will carry out the proper repair. Before leaving the work site, we will test the sewer line to make sure it works like-new again. You can rest assured that further problems will not occur after the repair is complete.

Why are video camera inspections effective?

Video camera inspections are an effective way to identify problems within sewer lines. The video camera is fed into the sewer line on a cable. The camera takes pictures of the pipe’s interior, revealing any problems in the line. This allows us to figure out where we need to dig to access the affected pipe.

Video camera results also make it easy to see what material was used to create the sewer pipe. Defective and damaged materials are then easily replaced. With a video inspection, you save time on any guesswork involved. We will know exactly where the source of the problem lies, allowing us to get right to work with the necessary repairs.

At Metro Plumbing, upfront pricing and complete satisfaction are always guaranteed!

Call today at (423) 855-0967 for professional sewer line repair at competitive rates.