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Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

Water Heater Maintenance, Repair, and Installation

Have a problem with your hot water heater or tankless water heater? We can help.

Metro Plumbing is your premier Chattanooga water heater and tankless water heater repair and installation specialist. We are up-to-date on all local codes to ensure your water heater problem is solved correctly the first time.

What are some common water heater problems?

Contact us for an inspection if you notice these water heater problems:

  • Lack of hot water
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Foul smell in the water
  • Unusual sounds coming from the unit
  • Leaking tank

After inspecting the problem, we will discuss your options and determine if a repair or replacement is the best way to go. You will receive a range of pricing options so that you can choose the one that fits best with your budget. Every water heater problem is different from household to household, so we do not hold our customers to a one-price-fits-all model.

When should you repair vs. replace?

Repairing your water heater may be as simple as getting a new pilot light or flushing the tank of sediment. Other types of repairs are more extensive, sometimes costing nearly as much as a new water heater. Before we determine which solution is best for you, we will identify the source of the problem and the age of your water heater.

An electric water heater can last up to 15 years as opposed to a gas unit, which typically lasts for 10 years. If you’re looking for a low maintenance unit that lasts up to 20 years, then consider installing a tankless water heater.

An older unit can start to show signs of wear and tear more quickly. If an older water heater is experiencing frequent problems, it may be more cost-effective to replace it with a newer, more efficient model.

Tankless Water Heater Services

Save on hot water costs and call your Chattanooga tankless water heater experts. Guaranteed quality repairs and installations or your money back.
Whether it’s washing the dishes, doing laundry, or taking a shower, we all rely heavily on hot water. But, doing these same chores every day can take a toll on your hot water costs. If your current water heater is on its last leg, consider replacing it with a tankless system. Metro Plumbing is your local Chattanooga tankless water heater repair and replacement team. Our professional installations ensure you enjoy the hot water you need without interruption.

What are the benefits of tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are a convenient alternative to traditional systems. Take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy with a tankless water heater:

  • Hot water on demand (water is heated as it travels through the pipes)
  • Flexible installation (you can install it in a crawl space, on the wall, or under your sink)
  • Extended service life (up to 20 years, compared to 10-15 years with a traditional system)

With a traditional water heater, once the tank is empty the system needs time to refill and heat the water. This is not needed with a tankless system, making it a popular option in more and more homes.

How to maintain your system and avoid future problems

The most effective way to avoid major problems with your water heater and tankless water heater is to schedule regular maintenance. During routine maintenance, we will perform tests and make sure the unit is running at its best.

If the tank has accumulated sediment, we will also flush the tank to prevent corrosion or rust. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of your water heater and allows you to enjoy the hot water you need year-round!

Get the hot water you need with professional water heater and tankless water heater maintenance, installation, and repair.

Call Metro Plumbing today at (423) 855-0967 for gimmick-free upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!