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Water Softener Systems

Water Softener Maintenance, Repair, and Installation

Fight hard water with a new softener system. Metro Plumbing guarantees quality results and professional solutions.

Worried about the water quality in your home? If your dishes still look dirty even after washing and your laundry seems dingy, these are likely the effects of hard water. The solution? Water softeners. These are designed to remove mineral deposits in your water supply, extend the life of your plumbing, and reduce soap scum in dishes and clothing. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this convenient system.

What are the benefits of water softeners?

A water softener uses ionic transfer to pull hard water minerals such as magnesium and calcium out of the water, replacing them with either sodium or potassium ions. Some water softeners also use reverse osmosis to clear unwanted materials from the water.
Take a look at the benefits you can start enjoying with a new water softener:

  • Plumbing protection: Hard water mineral deposits can shorten the life of your plumbing fixtures and pipes, as well as cause clogging over time. With a water softener in place, your plumbing will not be as vulnerable to premature corrosion or deterioration.
  • Cleaner dishes: Hard water deposits leave spots and unsightly rings on dishes. These deposits, also known as soap scum, can make clean items appear dirty even after they have been washed and dried. Water softeners help reduce the harsh effects of hard water on your dishes, leaving them clean and smooth after washing.
  • Brighter clothes: Your clothes can start to lose color and appear dingy out of the laundry. This is hard water once again taking its toll on your belongings. Installing a water softener will help keep your clothes looking bright for a longer period of time.
  • Longer lasting appliances: The deposits that build up in appliances such as laundry machines, coffee makers, and dishwashers can be eliminated with a water softener. Without harsh mineral deposits affecting their efficiency, your appliances will last longer and look cleaner.

What are signs you have hard water?
Do you notice any of the below problems? Contact us immediately to install the right water softener system.

  • Mineral buildup: Hard water creates mineral deposits in pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Mineral deposits from untreated hard water can also produce spots on clean glassware and dishes.
  • Discolored clothing: As mentioned above, hard water can greatly affect the color and quality of your clothing. There may also be soap scum left on your clothes when they come out of the wash.
  • Dry skin and brittle hair: Hard water can also affect your skin and hair. If you notice that your skin feels dry or itchy, or your hair always looks dull after showering, you may have hard water.

If you have untreated hard water in your home, contact Metro Plumbing to learn how you can benefit from a water softener. Water softening systems can help your clothes and dishes come out cleaner, while keeping your appliances and fixtures free from the harsh effects of mineral deposits.

How often is maintenance needed?

Water softeners are convenient systems that are easy to maintain. The right kind of salt for your particular system needs to be added on a regular basis, on average every eight weeks. Your water softener system will need to have hardened salt broken up to make sure the water is exposed to the salt properly. The entire system should also be cleaned once every year.

Don’t dread washing or showering again! Get rid of hard water problems with a new water softener.

Call Metro today at (423) 855-0967 for immediate installation and service.