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3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Installation in Cleveland, TN

3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Air Conditioner   Air Conditioner Installation in Cleveland TN

The weather in Cleveland, Tennessee remains hot and humid for most part of the year. For areas with such climatic conditions, air conditioners form a crucial part of life, both at offices and in homes. Air conditioners perform a very important task of cooling our living spaces and therefore make it bearable to function even in hottest days of the year.

However, even when they perform such important tasks and cost a considerable amount of money to purchase, an unfortunate part of reality is that air conditioners are not meant to last forever. If you are experiencing troubles with your air conditioner, or it is showing other signs that indicate the nearing of its lifespan, then it is best that you should make preparations to have it replaced by calling for air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN. Otherwise you will keep on facing issues with it and waste money on its repair but will not get any permanent solution.

The signs identified in this article can help you make a timely decision to have your AC replaced by contacting the experts in air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN, Metro Plumbing Heating and Air.

1) You’ve Had it for a Considerable Amount of Time (usually more than 10-15 years)

When making the crucial decision of either repairing or replacing your air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN, the number of years you have used it for, matters greatly. Under normal circumstances, an air conditioner easily lasts 10 years without asking for expensive repairs.

To further guide you in the choice between these two decisions, make use of the well-known ‘5000 rule’ which is commonly used in the air conditioning industry in making the replacement decision. According to this rule, you multiply the age of your air conditioner with its cost of repair. If the result of this multiplication comes out to be greater than 5000, then you should consider replacing by having a new air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN.

To better understand the ‘5000 rule’, you can take the example of an AC which has been in use for 8 years and is asking for repairs costing $750. The product of these two numbers is 6000, and since it is greater than 5000, your AC should be replaced.

Generally, an AC that has been in use for 15 years is considered to have provided a good return on investment. And with new energy efficient models of AC’s coming into the market, it would be much more beneficial for you to have a new air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN.

2) Your AC Is Making Unusual Sounds You Haven’t Heard Before

We want our air conditioners to work in silence so that we can sit, read, sleep and go about our daily activities peacefully, without getting disturbed by any noise. However, if your air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN has started to make loud sounds and weird noises as it operates, then you might have to consider replacing it. To be able to better decide what to do with your AC, you need to understand the reason behind those noises.

  • Malfunctioning compressor: Compressor is a system within the air conditioner which puts pressure on the refrigerant and keeps it cool. A continuous buzzing sound from the air conditioner is a possible sign of damage to the compressor. This could be caused by an overflow of electrical voltage to the AC.


  • Missing or damaged isolation feet: Isolation feet are a rubber sheet placed at the bottom of a compressor. Due to the pressure this sheet receives from compressors, cracks appear on it causing damage and even disintegration. And finally, due to damage to this sheet, the compressor vibrated and shakes when its working making loud and buzzing noises.


  • Frozen Air Conditioning unit: If the refrigerant in your AC unit leaks, it can cause the entire system to freeze up which in turn causes the AC to make squealing noises.


  • Loose parts: There are several complex parts within the air conditioner which work together to provide you with cool air. If any of these parts or the nuts and bolts that keep them together loosen off and drop down, they start to make rattling or banging sounds.


These sounds often reflect some serious issue with the cooling system. Therefore, it is wise to seek help from a company that provides air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN and have the AC system replaced if the problem can’t be fixed.

3) Your AC Related Expenses Are Going Up

One of the clearest signs that indicate a need for replacement of your old system with a new air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN is the constant and continuous rise in AC related utility bills and repair expenses.

There are several reasons why the electricity cost associated with AC use could go up. A damage to its internal systems, its old age or other major repairs required in AC’s cause its efficiency to do down and they require a large amount of energy to produce the same level of cooling as before.

And along with its greater use of electricity, for AC’s that constantly break down and require repair, the cost of inputs (many of which such as compressors and condensers can be quite expensive) and the expenses incurred to service them and pay for the wages of repair staff add up to cause substantial damage to your monthly budgets.Sooner or later, you have to realize that it is far more cost effective to replace the air conditioner than to continue repairing the same inefficient system. If any of the expenses related to your current cooling system are increasing without any substantial increase in your use, then you need to replace it with a new air conditioner installation in Cleveland, TN.

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