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5 Factors That Result in a Leak in Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair in Cleveland, TN

5 Factors That Result in a Leak in Water Heaters   Water Heater Repair in Cleveland TN
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Water heaters add immense comfort to our lives, making it an invention that is invaluable to all homeowners given they are functioning correctly.

All those who have gone through the hassle of repairing water heaters know how time-consuming and costly water heater repair in Cleveland, TN, can be.

A plumbing service that takes much time when repairing a fixture or charges needlessly high can make you regret the moment your water heater broke down. It is at times like these when the significance of precautionary use dawns upon us.

You see, regardless of the high quality of water heater you have or the international brand that you purchase the water heater from, poor use of the product can lead to failure of the internal mechanism. To avoid the collapse of the system and your investment, it is imperative to use the product efficiently.

To ensure the efficient use of a product, it is necessary that you are well aware of the structure and the mechanism that a product has. A user who is well versed with the features and characteristics of a water heater can troubleshoot a problem and can identify the source if it were to occur.

As experts of water heater repair in Cleveland, TN, we have come across numerous cases of leaks in a water heater. Contrary to the usual perception leaks occur due to a variety of reasons, being aware of the reasons and the factors that cause them will help you in devising a strategy that will help you in avoiding them.

1.  The Presence of an Old Tank

An old water heater is one of the main reasons for a water leak in households. Although water heaters are designed to last for an extended period, they tend to rust as they approach the end of their life cycles.

Extreme rust and corrosion can cause water to leak from a water heater. If the water in the heater leaks due to rust and corrosion you should look to replace it immediately. Not replacing the water heater can have severe consequences and can cause flooding in the house.

2.  An Issue with the Drain Valve

Another common reason for a water heater leak is the drain valve. A loose drain valve can cause water to sneak out and drip through the hinges. Tightening the drain valve with a wrench will help in resolving the issue, but ensure that you don’t over tighten the drain valve as it can damage the supply of water.

3.  Pressure Issues

The pressure inside the water heater tank is another reason for a leak in a water heater. The tank has to find ways to release the excess pressure.

You see, all water heaters have a temperature and pressure release valve. High temperatures result in the formation of steam in the valve. A valve controls the release of pressure in the water heater, a fault in the valve leads to less control on the pressure inside the heater.

The excess pressure will look for ways to exit the tank and a leak in the water heater is one of the ways that the pressure can release itself.

To resolve the issue call for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN, because pressure issues don’t have a precise reason for their formation.

4.  Condensation

There are likelihoods that a leak from the water heater is because of a false alarm, you see the process of condensation does cause water to leak, but it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Cold water inside the tank can lead to condensation when the air outside is hot. For those of you who don’t know condensation occurs when hot or cold air takes the place of either. Fresh air replacing warm air or vice versa leads to the formation of water vapor; this process is known as condensation.

The presence of water vapor on the water heater may trick you into believing that there is a leak in the water heater and may force you to call in water heater repair services in Cleveland, TN.

5.  Leak at the Line of Water Supply

Most of the water heater leaks look as if the water is tripping directly from the water heater but to troubleshoot the problem it is imperative to confirm the source of the leak.

Above the water heaters are the plumbing pipes which transport water from the water supply lines to the water heater, a rigid connection between the pipes and the supply lines or the presence of flexible supply tubes may be the primary reason for the leak in the water heater.

Water dripping from above may drop down from the insulator giving you the indication that the water heater itself is the source of the leak.

There are other reasons for the leak in water supply too, regardless of whatever the reason, having an idea about the water supply will help you in calling in for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN and asking them to fix the problem specifically.

At Metro Plumbing Heating and Air, we are aware of the needs of our customers and strive to provide the best service available. We also believe in sharing information with the customer and providing them tips for the maintenance of their electrical products because doing so helps the customer in making an informed decision when choosing for services providing water heater repair in Cleveland, TN.

Therefore, if you need water heater repair in Cleveland, TN, pick up your phones and call 423-616-1025 for the best water heater repair service in town.

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