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5 Most Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems that Need Repair | Cleveland, TN

5 Most Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems that Need Repair   Cleveland TN
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HVAC systems are an integral part of our homes and offices. They not only keep the temperatures constant but also affect the quality of life. It’s because of the HVAC systems that we are able to enjoy a certain degree of comfort inside our homes regardless of the weather outside. Especially in city of Cleveland, TN where is the temperatures and humidity levels can soar in the summer months.

Given the weather conditions, it is obvious that the most important system in the house is likely to break down. A number of problems with your HVAC systems may arise. Therefore, you will need to contact a heating and air conditioning repair professional. Some of the most common HVAC problems are:

Refrigerant Leak

One of the most common problem in HVAC systems is refrigerant leaks. You can suspect a leak if the temperature in your house fluctuates drastically. Refrigerant leak can also affect the performance of your HVAC system.

Adequate quantity of refrigerant is essential for appropriate functioning of the compressor. If there is too much refrigerant in the system, it will return to the compressor leading to compressor failure. If the volume of refrigerant is too low, there is probably a leak in the system.

As soon as you notice any fluctuation in the temperatures, immediately contact a heating and air conditioning repair. Only a trained professional can locate and fix the leaks. For heating and air conditioning repair it is essential to rely on a competent professional. Only they can guide you about the right volume of refrigerant in your HVAC system.

Dirty Filters

If your HVAC system takes longer than usual to cool the house, you probably have dirty filters. Dirty filters is the most common problem experienced by people using HVAC systems. They make your HVAC system work harder than normal. By simply keeping the filters clean, you can save on your utility and improve the life of the unit.

This is a simple routine maintenance task which does not need professional assistance from heating and air conditioning repair specialist. You can do it yourself by cleaning the filters once every two weeks. Changing the filters once every two months will not only ensure proper air circulation and efficient cooling but will also save utility expense.

Unusual Noise

HVAC systems typically have low noise levels. This is due to the circulation of air or dirty burners. But if you notice any unusual squealing, grinding or rasping noise, you may need heating and air conditioning repair. Such noise is an indication that parts of the HVAC system including belts or bearings are wearing out.

Regular maintenance by a trained heating and air conditioning repair will include replacing malfunctioning belts and oiling bearings and motors. These practices on a regular basis will control the problem of strange sounds from your HVAC systems. Taking care of unusual noises from the HVAC system is crucial because ignoring these noises can lead to HVAC system failure.

Thermostat Malfunction

A malfunctioning thermostat can affect the temperatures in your house. When this problem occurs, people often assume that the issue is with HVAC system. Only a trained heating and air conditioning repair can help identify the issue correctly.

The thermostat regulates the timing and quantity of warm or cool air your system should produce. Any problem with the thermostat can lead to temperature fluctuations. It can also burn out the compressor because the compressor will continue to work without knowing when to stop.

Continuously Working Blower

If the blower of your HVAC system is blowing continuously, it might be an indication of many problems. Ideally, you should contact a heating and air conditioning repair professional in the Cleveland, TN area to identify the problem. But before calling ina professional, check the fan switch on the thermostat. In a normal functioning HVAC system, the blower will run continuously if the thermostat is set to keep the fan on. This can often happen when people accidentally turn the fan switch on.

If the fan switch is off, but the blower is still running, this might be an indication of some other problem in the fan relay mechanism. Fan relay system is responsible for turning the blower on when there is a call for heat. If the relay mechanism hangs up, the blower does not stop. A trained a heating and air conditioning repair professionals can help you fix this problem in no time.

The Only Solution

The only solution to all your HVAC problems is regular maintenance of your HVAC systems. Regular maintenance not only ensures that the system is working fine but it also helps identify any potential problems which can damage your HVAC system in near future. Apart from solving the mentioned problems, regular maintenance will also help improve efficiency of the system which in turn will reduce your utility costs. Above all, regular maintenance extends the life of the unit.

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