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7 Underlying Causes of AC Compressor Failure | Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland, TN

7 Underlying Causes of AC Compressor Failure   Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland TN
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Your air conditioner can go out of order at any time and there could be a lot of reasons for that. Lucky for you, not all repairs are costly. There could be something as minor as an issue with a wire with loose ends leading to your air conditioner’s power failure. Another common problem is hampered air flow due to clogged air filters. Nonetheless, these are minor problems which can be fixed easily.

On the contrary (get ready for the real news), you will have to get air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN if something happens to your AC compressor.Sorry to break the news like this, but such a repair service is going to be expensive also. You will have to spend a lot of money if this very vital and costly component stops working. After all, the compressor is called the “heart” of your air conditioning system for a reason.

However (more good news), with proper care and periodic maintenance through a certified air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, majority of the causes of AC compressor failure can be prevented.  As a preventive measure from future complications, service companies can make early detection of problems leading to failure of AC Compressors.

What’s a Compressor?

We all know all animals have a heart that runs the blood circulatory system. Similarly, the AC compressor is like the heart of your Air Conditioner. Your AC system cannot function without this key component. No compressor, no AC because! Just like the heart that pumps blood and helps circulate it in your body, your AC’s compressor works by compressing the refrigerant gas and pumping it in the system. During this process, heat and humidity are removed from the air, causing a cooling effect.

Another reason why compressor is analogous to heart is that it has a long life expectancy of almost 10 to 15 years. But if it fails at some point before this, the reason is not external – the damage to the compressor is due to some other source which could have been avoided with proper air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN.

The heart of your air conditioner is also very difficult to fix – if you can afford the air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN, but sometimes the disease is incurable and there is a need to replace it altogether. However, it’s best to educate one’s self with possible problems that can cause an AC Compressor to fail.

Problems Leading to Failure of an AC Compressor

Whenever a system is over-burdened or stressed to a certain level due to some underlying issues, there are chances that your AC Compressor is going to take the toll. Remember this because:

  • You can prevent the compressor of your AC from failing in the first place by early detections of the underlying cause and carrying out remedial actions to fix it.
  • You may install a new AC compressor to replace the faulty one, yet find it having the same fate. That’s because the underlying cause of compressor failure has not been addressed.

Now that we have made a full case of addressing the root cause of compressor failure instead of just fixing the compressor alone, let’s discuss some of the reasons that can cause your AC Compressor to develop a fault and how to avoid it.

1. Blockage in Suction Lines

If your Air Conditioner doesn’t throw cool air, mostly probably the reason behind this is blockage or damage of the suction lines. In such an instance, if the AC keeps running, the compressor is likely to get damaged as the system starts overheating and there is buildup of pressure.

To save your compressor, switch off your AC if you feel the cooling is not efficient and contact an air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN.

2. Blockage of Condenser Coils

Another underlying reason for increased temperature inside your AC unit is the build-up of dust layer and scaling of mineral salts over the condenser coil. This layer doesn’t allow efficient expulsion of heat from the system while it runs constantly to throw cool air out. As a result, there is overheating of the system which impacts the compressor causing it to malfunction.

So, if you find the AC Compressor to be running constantly or for longer than usual, its best to take precautionary steps to avoid damage to your expensive compressor.

3. Maintained Level of Refrigerant

Refrigerant level needs to be maintained at all times. But sometimes the suctions lines develop holes and cracks leading to leakage. As a result, compressor takes the strain by working hard to circulate the gas around the system in order to keep producing cool air. This extra effort can cause compressor failure over the course of time.

It is also possible that a compressor fails due to over-charging of the refrigerant. Mostly like the culprit would be an unqualified repairman. Another grave mistake unqualified repairmen can do is fill your AC with a refrigerant that is not compatible with your system. This can have dire consequences.

Avoid all that headache by always approaching trustworthy and reputable air conditioner repair and air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN.

4. Perfect Size of Refrigerant Line

Another reason an AC Compressor can breakdown is the wrong size of suction line. If it is larger or smaller than the required length, the compressor will malfunction.

Again, only way this could happen is when an unqualified repairman replaces the line. Therefore, protect yourself and your compressor by referring your problem to an experienced air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN.

5. Maintained Lubricant Level

Inadequate oil lubricant in the AC also cause the compressor to breakdown. Therefore, it is important to have regular air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN through an experienced AC technician. Always remind him to check the level of lubricants and the condition of the oil pump. If there is any discrepancy, he should take preventive measures accordingly.

6. Electrical Failure

Damaged wires, fuses, contractors etc. can lead to electrical failures and an acid build up inside the system. This acid damages not just the compressor but also other major components of the system rendering it to be unrepairable.

Consequently, it is wise to always go for preventive measures through air conditioning services in Cleveland, TN, to make sure your air conditioning unit survives the test of times. Periodic inspections for detection of electrical faults and timely repairs are the only way.

7. Contaminants

All types of contaminants are offenders here – from the very air you breathe to moisture, dust, debris and dirt. Other unholy things like bird droppings and those of the pest, acid and soot; almost everything contributes to causing your AC Compressor to stop working.

There is usually no way to prevent this because the outer unit of your AC has to be housed outside. So exposure to the atmosphere is inevitable. During your Air Conditioning Service in Cleveland, TN most of the debris is removed to prevent overheating and pressure inside the system.

Arrange for Some Love and Care for Your AC Compressor

For your air conditioner to keep supplying you with fresh, cool air all year round, you will be need to invest in the health and maintenance of your AC Compressor through certified and experienced air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN. The recommended services per year are two and the recommended men for the job are ones who are certified with MSCA or NATE.

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air houses MSCA and NATE certified technicians and professionals for the job. They are nicknamed as saviors of AC Compressors as they are experts in detecting and fixing the underlying causes of problems leading to failure of AC Compressor. Contact us at (423) 616-1025 for affordable, reliable and timely air conditioning service and air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TN. Our technical staff is available 24/7, seven days a week eager to safeguard your AC Compressor from meeting its doom before its due date.

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