7 Warning Signs That Your AC Needs Repair | Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland, TN

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As the sun reemerges and temperatures start to rise in Cleveland, TN, you want to make sure your air conditioning unit is working fine and keeping you cool. Modern air conditioning units are more reliable and have longer life expectancy but they can break down if they are not well maintained.

The average life of an air conditioner is between 12-15 years but environmental factors like heat, humidity and storms can decrease the life of an air conditioner. These unfavorable environmental factors can also increase the need of an air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN.

You don’t want your air conditioning unit to break down completely before you intervene so it’s important to watch out for some common signs when an air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TN is needed.

Warm Air

If you notice warm air flowing out of your air conditioner vents, it’s a good idea to check the thermostat of your air conditioning unit. If it set on cool mode and the temperature is set right, yet the air flow is warm, it is time to get some professional assistance.

Warm air from your air conditioning unit might be signal of some underlying problem with your compressor. You should go for an air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TN as soon as possible since warm air is one of the first signs of some major underlying problem with your air conditioner.

Bad Odor

Some underlying problems with your air conditioners can cause the air from your air conditioner to have bad odor. This issue can be easily resolved by seeking professional help. Look for a professional air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN, if you are facing an issue of bad odor from your AC.

Your air conditioning unit might need a service or tuning of a certain part. Duct cleaning can also help you resolve this issue. But only a professional can identify what your sir conditioner truly needs.

Ice on the Air Conditioner

Ice on your air conditioner is a very serious issue which needs proper professional assistance. If it goes unnoticed it can severely damage your machine.

If you notice ice on your internal evaporator coil, check your air filter. A dirty air filter might be a reason of restricted air flow throughout the system causing the condensation to freeze up on the coil. Running an air conditioner with ice over coil can seriously damage your machine.

You should contact a professional air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN, as soon as you notice ice on your coil. Do not attempt to solve this problem on your own as it is serious electricalissue which needs proper professional intervention. This is a potentially dangerous issue not only for your air conditioner but also for yourself.

High Humidity

Humidity is a major problem in Cleveland, TN. An air conditioning system should not only maintain the righttemperature but should also control the moisture content in a room. If you air conditioning unit cannot keep the moisture level within a comfortable range, it is major sign that you need an air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TN.

You should check with a reliable air conditioner repair service provider to know more about this issue. They will not only help you diagnose the problem but will also fix it for you.

Water Leaks

When your air conditioning unit is not working well, water collects inside your air conditioner. The drains in your air conditioning unit can get clogged causing this condensation fluid to pool inside the air conditioning unit and then leaking into your house.

Water leaks from air conditioner can damage your walls, and furnishing. You should contact an air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TNas soon as you notice water leaks from your air conditioners.

Unusual Noise

Air conditioners usually have low noise as they start up and shut down. If you notice loud or unusual noise, you should contact an air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN, as soon as possible.

You might notice banging noise in case there is a loose part in your air conditioner or you might hear a rattling noise from the exterior of your air conditioning unit. This could be due to something falling into the vent. Whatever is the type of noise, you should contact professional air conditioning repair in Cleveland, TN as the problem won\t go away on its own and will need professional assistance.

Increased Energy Cost

Regular repair and maintenance of air conditioner will help you maintain your energy cost by increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Energy costs will definitely go up if you are using an air conditioner all day long. But if you air conditioner is regularly maintained and properly cleaned, this is help you reduce inefficiencies and thus lower your energy cost.

If you notice a sudden increase in your energy cost along with other signs of an air conditioner repair, it might be due increased inefficiency in your air conditioning unit. Clogged ducts, blocked vents and leakages in your air conditioner can cause your energy cost to go up. If you notice a sudden increase in your energy cost, seek professional air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN and save your energy cost this summer.

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