The Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends


Clients ask us all the time about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. Many of them don’t want what has been done before. For them it’s about living and being in the moment.

Are you the same way? Well follow us down below. We have included a few bathroom remodeling tips. Pick whatever suits you and go on with your bad self.


Sometimes just adding some under-the-shelf lighting can do so much. Find a place where the bulbs will work and do it. This is a great way to add some more character to your bathroom. This is great way to give it more personality.

The only thing we recommend is not overdoing it. When it comes to lighting, it can be easy to get lost in the moment. Many of our clients feel that more lighting will be really cool. We recommend only adding one or two little extra lighting fixtures. Too much can be overkill.


Storage is one of those things that many of our clients get crazy about. You wouldn’t believe the number of questions we get on storage. Our advice is to look at the space you already have. Does it make sense to add more storage units? it might clear up a lot of clutter, but will it make more clutter in the process?

See what space you have and maybe add in a small unit for storage. Pick something that fits the tone of the room, especially when it comes to color. The idea is not to pick something which has been done before. White is one of those colors that gets the overkill, so does the beige and cream colored units. Pick something out of the ordinary, but still will blend in.

DON’T JUST GUT FOR THE SAKE OF GUTTINGChattanooga Bathroom Remodeling

Gutting the whole bathroom and starting over seems to be the trend over the last couple of years. We are here to tell you that times have changed. If you don’t have to gut, don’t gut. Sometimes just adding in a few tweaks is all that is needed. Many of our clients get carried away with remodeling. Learn from their mistakes.

Sometimes gutting will ruin the piping and electrical systems. Then you have to put in all new wiring. If something is already working for you, leave it be.

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