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In 1941, Glenn Miller and his orchestra performed the song, ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo,’ and is the reason our town is probably best known to the rest of the world. However, locals refer to the city as ‘Chattown,’ ‘River City,’ ‘Chatt,’ and lastly ‘Nooga.’ Lately, it has become known as ‘Gig City’ as it has the fastest internet service in America.

Whatever, it is called the naturally gorgeous, Appalachian area is the fourth largest metropolis in Tennessee with an estimated population just shy of 200,000 people. Many major companies have manufacturing or distribution headquarters here. Recently, Volkswagen opened an Assembly Plant joining Alco Chemical, Amazon, and DuPont, amongst too many others to list.

This region of Chattanooga, TN hosts many outdoor activities like the exciting Raccoon Mountain Reservoir or the mysterious Raccoon Mountain Caverns. Also, there is plenty of natural beauty to enjoy like the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Botanical Gardens or revel in family fun at the Lake Winnepesaukah amusement park. You can go kayaking and rafting on the nearby Ocoee River. Or push your physical limits hiking and the Cumberland Trail which begins close to Signal Mountain.

Historically Important Sites

Many of the major battles of the American Civil War are located near our fair town. The area is the site of many historically relevant combat locations, including the ‘Battle of Lookout Mountain’ and the ‘Battle of Missionary Ridge.’

All these amazing factors make the city a magnet for tourists from all over the world, and many local residents make a living in the tourist business, but the area has a humid subtropical climate where winter days can be typically mild but summers are sweltering and muggy. For example, Chattanooga, TN’s July’s daily average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but temperatures can skyrocket to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit for more than half of the summer every year.

The Chatt community wants reliable heating and air conditioning services to provide comfort and safety. Another important aspect of the plumbing industry is providing punctual and thorough Septic Tank Pumping.

Septic tank systems and efficient septic tank pumping allow families to live in rural areas without giving up modern conveniences like plumbing. Yet, there are important steps to maintaining a healthy septic tank and an optimally functioning system. Both require routine septic tank repair.

What Is a Septic Tank?

Septic Tanks are used in areas that are not linked to the municipal sewerage system but individually managed by professional plumbers who have been extensively trained at septic tank pumping.

Septic tanks consist of underground chambers usually made of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. The Sewage from your home enters an inlet pipe and flows to the lower part of the first chamber while most of the solids in the sewage tank are pulled down to the bottom of the tank by gravity.

In the absence of any free oxygen, an anaerobic biological action occurs where bacteria help break down the waste which allows for easier septic tank pumping. Biogases such as methane and carbon dioxide are produced. Then generate small amounts of sludge as a by-product.

The remaining liquid has extremely low solids which leave the sewage to drain via the outlet pipe into a second or third chamber where anaerobic actions which (further) break down the waste. The remaining liquid drains from the outlet into the septic drain field. This drain field is usually a deep pit filled with gravel that absorbs the waste and soaks into the ground. Occasionally, the bacteria drop too low levels forcing septic tank repair and consistent septic tank pumping.

Lift pumps can be used to aid settlement while certain septic tank designs include siphons that help beat sewage accumulation and clogs. As sludge accumulates over time, so it must be periodically removed usually by septic tank pumping with a vacuum truck

What Can Go Wrong with Septic Tank Pumping in Chattanooga, TN?

A faulty or overflowing septic tank is one of the last things a homeowner or business wants to deal with. Unfortunately, just because the septic system is out of sight deep underground, it does not mean it should be ignored or denied regular maintenance. Like Air Conditioners and heaters, septic tanks require regular maintenance to keep them working properly.

Without this maintenance, major problems could occur. For instance, water and sewage from drains, sinks, and toilets may start backing up into the property. If this happens you will start to notice a nasty smell near the septic tank and the drain field.

Further warning signs include bubbling sounds coming from the plumbing system, wet spots, or even standing water close to the septic tank area. Our team has considerable knowledge in septic tank pumping which means you can count on Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air to fix the issue quickly and completely.

What Are the Most Common Septic Tank Problems?

Your septic tank pumping must empty the unit on a regular basis. Some older tanks need to be emptied once a year, but for well-designed tanks, every 2-4 years should be enough. Metro Plumbing provides emergency septic tank pumping and we will clean your tank and perform essential maintenance all for an affordable price.

Any ground movement around your septic tank can put an extensive amount of pressure on the tank. This can cause cracks in the walls and cause several problems. If there is any external groundwater entering the septic tank through the cracks, the solid waste will not be able to settle as efficiently. As a result, septic tank pumping will have to take place a lot more often.

Blockages in Sewage Tanks

Roots from nearby trees and shrubs can grow through the walls of the tank. Like the consequences of ground movement, septic tank pumping will need to take place more frequently than an optimally functioning one. The roots could also damage the drain field and the pipes from the tank to your property.

A broken baffle is an integral part of a septic tank. Quality tanks should have baffles at both the inlet and outlet pipes. This allows the sewage to flow into the tank without disturbing the sludge layer. It directs sewage in a longer path across the septic tank so it has more time to settle. The outlet baffle keeps solids from leaving the tank and making their way to the drain field,

Be Careful What You Flush!

Be careful what you flush down your pipes! The sewage tank is not a trash compactor. Unnecessary dumping of cooking oils, grease, or even oatmeal can cause the inlet drains to become blocked. These are often difficult to degrade and can cause smells and difficulties septic tank pumping.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that it is homeowners’ responsibility to maintain their septic systems. So, if you do not want the EPA chasing after you call Metro Plumbing.

As most septic tank problems happen because of a lack of maintenance, we at Metro Plumbing strongly recommend that you regularly have your septic tank examined. Having your septic tank pumping done regularly will help prevent costly repairs and will keep your home free of nasty sewage.

Other Plumbing Services

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, it is more likely that a problem with your septic tank will happen at a most inconvenient time. There are few things worse than having your toilet backing upon you in the middle of the night.

Metro Plumbing will answer your call 24/7 when you have emergencies. We understand plumbing problems do not always happen during traditional banking hours.

We offer many Septic and Sewer services including:

  • Cleaning and septic tank pumping
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic Tank Pumping Commercial Contracts
  • Septic Tank Repairs
  • Excavation of Septic Fields
  • Pipe and Vent Services

Sewer Services

  • Home and Business Sewer Repairs
  • High-pressure water jetting services
  • Unclogging storm drains and sewer pipes
  • Pipe and Line Replacement
  • Accurate detections via video camera line services
  • Tree Root Removal
  • Septic and Sewer Inspection Services

For over thirty years, the residents and businesses in our beautiful town have depended on Metro PHA to provide exceptional sewer and septic services to their homes and businesses.

We continually retrain our technicians on an annual basis to remain up to date with all the latest techniques and technologies. This way we have only the most competitive service in the region with quality products at humble prices. The Metro Plumbing team is committed to working just as hard after the installation to ensure that our customers are 100 percent satisfied and happy.


“We were pretty frantic as our septic tank failed totally. My wife is a doctor working on the frontline of the Coronavirus battle. A broken septic tank means she cannot shower at home or wash all her scrubs regularly to keep us all safe. We have two small children at home and faulty plumbing makes parenting them nearly impossible. Thankfully, we relied on Metro Plumbing who is amazing. It was clear that we were dealing with experts. The technician was Ace. Everything is now working well. A big thank you for such a great job and getting our home functioning again!”

Brad Layman, Signal Mountain, TN, May 2020

“Metro Plumbing came out at truly short notice. We had used two other companies before. We were at our wits’ end. Our tank had been neglected for many years by the previous owner. There was a blockage somewhere and we couldn’t fix it.

Not only did Metro Plumbing come out immediately, but it was also at a time which suited us. The septic tank pumping removed the blockage. Thank the merciful God! The plumber was very professional, very polite, and very patient. He knew his trade extremely well. The cost was very reasonable. I will absolutely recommend them and use them again! I’ve already booked a maintenance service.”

Sara Trammel, Hixson, TN, April 2020

“We had a complete septic tank meltdown just before Christmas – with eight members of my family visiting us. Almost all the plumbers were closed for the Christmas holidays, but I found Metro Plumbing and learned about their affordable emergency service via a Google search. They were great! Metro plumber came around quickly and fixed the problem within the hour and Christmas was saved! The technician said that the septic tank would eventually need replacing. When it does, I will be calling Metro Plumbing Heating & AC! Many thanks again!!!”

Mary Koski, East Brainerd, TN, December 2019

“Metro Plumbing’s crew of Dakota, Evan and John arrived to undertake a review of the work needed. They cleared the blockage and stopped the toilet from backing up. They were very helpful, well-mannered, and most of all highly skilled. Please thank them for the excellent customer service. In addition, they provided me with helpful information on how to avoid the problem in the future.”

Pat Colton, Chattanooga, TN, June 2019

“I had an overflowing blocked drain at the side of my house. I ran around a few companies in Chattanooga, but they could not come out on the day, I rang Metro Plumbing and they arrived within a few hours to clear it. The technician was really friendly and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg either! I Highly recommend these guys.”

Bette Sky, Redbank, TN, May 2019

Trusted Technicians and Expert Septic Tank Pumping

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air are a family run business. We have been attending the plumbing needs in this area since 1989. All in that time, we have consistently established a reputation that reflects our high standards of customer excellence.

As a family business, we want to treat you as if you were a family friend. We at Metro Plumbing buy only the highest-quality parts from the world’s leading companies. We never use cheap and unsafe imitations. The technician will return and put it right at any work if you are not happy. All our work is given a top guarantee.

We also provide rapid heating and AC repair & breakdown services, available 24/7, and 365 days of the year! Our five-year warranty is available on select services and our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is promised on every job we complete!

We understand that you may be anxious about letting a complete stranger into your home or office. Before we hire a new team member, we conduct a comprehensive background check on them. Once hired we consistently and randomly perform alcohol and drug tests. This is to ensure the safety of all our customers.

Please call us today to discuss how we can help improve the workings of the septic tank in your home. You can count on our qualified team of professionals that do efficient and cost-effective work. From any plumbing need, all HVAC repairs, or if you need a septic tank pumping, you can rely on Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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