All You Need To Know About Frozen Pipes

Dealing With Frozen Pipes


Why Does a Plumbing System Freeze?

Frozen pipes can cause much more damage than simple pipe bursts. They also can cause all the damage that water causes in homes and businesses. This means mold and severe water damage to furniture, floor finishes and walls. This is compounded by the expense to eradicate the burst pipes, arrest the damage and institute repairs. To prevent this damage, it is necessary to understand the pipes that are more prone to freezing in low temperatures and how to arrest this freezing before damage occurs.

How Can I Prevent This?

Pipes located in exterior walls freeze easily with very little exposure to extended freezing temperatures. Many city and municipality building codes prevent plumbing from being placed in this portion of structures. However, many older homes do have this type of plumbing and measures have to be taken to prevent this from occurring. Pipes that are exposed in unheated portions of homes like attics and basements are also freeze-prone and any plumbing located on the home’s exterior.

Exterior walls are also mandated in most building codes to be the walls that are insulated most vigorously. This will prevent freezing and also prevent heat loss and the corresponding increase in utility costs. When pipes freeze on these walls, it is most commonly caused by inadequate insulation. Therefore, if these pipes have previously frozen, updating the insulation should be a priority.

Outside pipes can be insulated by many products that are produced specifically for this purpose. It is also necessary to prevent any garden hoses form freezing. The pressure from frozen hoses can burst interior pipes. It is good advice to disconnect hoses in anticipation of freezing weather. In addition, the water should be turned off and all pipes in the home should be drained.

Pipes that are located in unheated areas of homes are often prone to freezing. Basements are often warm enough to prevent freezing. However, pipes that are located in crawl spaces, attics and garages will freeze of unprotected. These pipes can be protected with insulating devices, but there are tape-like products that wrap the pipes that are specifically designed for areas where temperatures are freezing for extended periods of time.

Why Is It Important To Keep This From Happening?

In addition, people that leave areas in which freezing temperatures are common should perform all these activities to prevent freezing over the extended time that they are away. In addition, turning the water off and clearing the drains is a necessary procedure to prevent pipes from bursting during the hiatus.

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