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Are Your Bills Rising Because of the HVAC Problems? | Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga, TN

Are Your Bills Rising Because of the HVAC Problems   Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga TN

Are These HVAC Issues Increasing Your Energy Bills? | Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga, TN

Temperatures rise greatly during the summer months and due to this, you have to set the thermostat at lower temperatures. If the air conditioner is suffering from problems that waste greater amounts of energy then you can expect higher bills during the summer months in particular.

These issues can be resolved by hiring the most dependable air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN. We can resolve your problem quickly so that you won’t have to suffer higher costs as a result of these HVAC issues.

Here are some HVAC problems that can raise your bills:

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system is designed to reliably extract dust, pollen, solid particles and even microorganisms from the air circulating in your interior space. As a result the air filter will accumulate dust over the passage of time and will therefore have to be replaced on a periodic basis so that your air conditioner can continue to deliver high quality clean air.

But if the air filter is neglected then it can accumulate a large amount of dust which can choke the airflow. In fact, it can even become a breeding ground of bacteria, viruses and mold if it is not replaced every few months. Rather than remove pathogens and dust, the air filter will then become a source of these substances which will spread throughout your house.

This can have negative consequences for those who are suffering from allergies, asthma and breathing problems. It can even have a strong impact on otherwise healthy people. So you should care for yourself and your loved ones by hiring the best family-owned air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN to inspect and clean your HVAC system at regular intervals.

In most HVAC systems, the air filter is located within the indoor air handler. We can take out your old air filter and replace it with a new one so that your HVAC system delivers clean air for a healthier environment.

Ductwork Leakage

Leaks and gaps in your HVAC ducting is bad news. It means that expensive cooled air is being allowed to escape and go to waste.

Since there is reduced flow of cool air in your living space, the effectiveness of your HVAC system will be drastically reduced. It will become more inefficient and provide lower cooling for the same cost.

In fact, to get the same level of cooling, you will have to lower the thermostat temperature. That is, you must force your air conditioner to work harder to maintain the same temperature level. This can put a greater amount of strain on your HVAC system which might reduce its lifespan. This will also lead to higher electricity bills.

The problem is that leakages and gaps can develop insidiously without you even knowing about it. When you do notice problems with HVAC performance a fair amount of gaps and leaks will have developed.

The best way to remedy this is to hire the best air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN to check your ductwork every 6 – 12 months. Not only will the professionals seal any gaps and leaks, they will also thoroughly clean the ductwork. This is something very important since unclean ductwork can become a growth site for disease causing microorganisms.

Inspection at regular intervals will also ensure that leaks and gaps are quickly repaired before they grow too big – this will require more extensive and costly repairs.

A clean duct network will also allow your air filter to last as long as possible and will allow it to efficiently clean air.

If you haven’t scheduled duct inspection over a long period of time and notice increased amounts of dust in your house or a weird musty smell then a dust-filled ducting network could be the root cause of the problem. You should use the top air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

Faulty Thermostat

If there is a fault with your thermostat, then your HVAC system will not function properly and you might face higher electricity bills. A malfunctioning thermostat can make the environment of your house either too hot or too cold.

You should first check to see if the batteries are working properly. You should then check to ensure that the correct mode has been selected. So if you want to cool your house then your thermostat should be switched to the cooling mode. This sounds like plain common sense but it is not unusual for people to miss these simple problems.

If you have selected auto mode then you should closely observe the cooling cycle of your air conditioning system. The air conditioner should switch on automatically when the temperature rises and it should switch off automatically when it gets cool enough. For this, you can make use of room thermometer to ensure that the auto mode is working properly.

To ensure maximum accuracy you should make sure that the thermostat is located in the middle of your home away from doors and windows.

But if thermostat still shows faults then you should think about air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

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