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Benefits of a Good Ceiling Fan

We’re all looking for ways to save money throughout the year.  Many people use ceiling fans during summer to help cool down a room.  But did you know that a ceiling fan can help you cut costs year-round?  Did you also know that ceiling fans don’t actually cool off rooms?  It’s true, ceiling fans work by moving air around in the room.  As the air moves, it causes surface water to evaporate.  As water evaporates from your skin, it feels cooler, reducing your overall temperature.  So while a ceiling fan won’t add or remove heat to a room, it can help make the room feel more comfortable.

Cool Summers, Warm Winters

During the summer (or anytime that it’s just a little too warm inside), rather than cranking the air conditioner to frigid levels, holding back a few degrees or opening a window can be enough to cool off the house.  As long as it’s not too humid, circulated air from a ceiling fan will use evaporation to help keep the air from feeling so warm.  This doesn’t just apply to ceiling fans either.  Floor fans, desk fans, even paper fans are all readily capable of fighting the harsh heat of summer.

What’s less commonly known is how effective a fan is for saving money during the winter.  We all learn in school that hot air rises.  It doesn’t matter how you’re heating your home, this fact stays true.  Heat from a fuel-fed furnace, portable space heater, boiler, or floor radiator will rise to the highest point in the room.  Eventually that heat escapes through the ceiling or attic, but not before pooling there first.

A reversible ceiling fan will spin backwards to change how it moves air.  Rather than pushing air down into the room, the reverse mode pulls a column of colder air up in the center of the room.  This air column displaces the warm air, pushing it down the sides of the room.  As the warmer air is put back into circulation, it distributes the heat energy, removing cold spots and averaging out the room’s temperature.

Using a reversible ceiling fan during the winter gives you the option of leaving the thermostat set one or two degrees colder than you normally would. Put on a sweater and you can push that number back even further.  Every degree that you manage to reduce your thermostat by is more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Other Advantages

Of course, with so many options for customization on your ceiling fan, they bring special advantages.  From aesthetic design choices that brighten the room, to beautiful lighting kits, the choices when to comes to installing a ceiling fan in your home are close to endless.  In the end, it’s up to you to decide what you want.   But remember, a ceiling fan will clear up floor space, add beauty to a room, and it can help to reduce climate control costs.

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