Change Up Your Bathroom

10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


If you’re not in love with your bathroom you deserve a remodel. Just a few changes can add tremendous appeal to any bathroom. Whether you need new faucets, fixtures, showers, or tubs installed, our experts can help. Here are some neat ideas to help get you started.


1. A complete faucet change can resolve headaches and make the bathroom look more put together. Picking a color and style that reflects the overall style of your bathroom can invoke freshness, the way fresh running water should. Along with this change, you can upgrade to a faucet without leaks and better plumbing if that’s been an issue.
2. Chances are your sink could use new counter tops. Crisp and modern colors can breath a sparkling feeling into your bathroom. Adding a stylish new basin can crank up the new look of your bathroom and compliment most upgrades.
3. Adding a second sink has a multitude of advantages. A favorable one being the illusion that your bathroom is bigger. This is also helpful if multiple members of the household have to share the same bathroom.


Shower and Tub

4. After a long day at work, who doesn’t want to stretch out in a long bath tub? Most standard bath tubs cant accommodate comfort in the ways desired. Upgrading to a longer bath tub or Jacuzzi style tub can give you the release needed after a long day.
5. Not much of a bath person? Adding a stand alone walk in shower with glass doors lends a chic touch to any bathroom. They’re also easier to clean and add a stream lined look.
6. A brand new shower head that can spray in different functions will always be a grand addition.
7. Standing in the shower and feeling a chill on your back? Might be time to add a second shower head. Two bursts of hot water coming from all angles sounds like a nice fix!
8. If your tub is feeling cramped, chances are you could use more shelving space. Adding more storage for soap can avoid making your shower and tub look smaller and crowded. Plastic shower caddies can look tacky compared to a built in depot for shampoo.



9. Most people with long legs don’t realize they could be more comfortable using the rest room. Taller facilities are available ensuring extra comfort. Might be time to consider a sizable throne.
10. A toilet with dual flushing technology can now save you time, energy and water. Not only can it flush better, it makes your water bill more manageable.


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