Discolored Water? We Can Help!

Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention


When you turn on your water, you expect clear, clean, safe water to come flowing out. If what comes out is less than pleasant, due to discoloration or bad odor, a trained pluming technician will diagnose the problem and recommend a solution or repair the problem. Many situations that cause cloudy or discolored water are fixable. This is one time bottled water is a useful resource.

Why Ask the Pro?

A professional plumber will know what is causing the discoloration of your water supply. They will look at many aspects of the water including running tests for various contaminations. Faulty plumbing is often the cause of drinking water contamination. A certified plumber will diagnose the problem, have your water-running safe, and clear once again.

What Causes Discolored Water?

A common cause for homeowners with private wells is higher concentration of certain elements. The common increased elements are tannic acid and a high concentrate of iron. A pluming technician will run a test to determine what is in the water making it cloudy.

There Is a Fix
No one wants to drink cloudy water. If it is cloudy, chances are it smells bad and is not drinkable. Plumbers are certified to find and fix the problem in the fastest way.

  • To eliminate cloudiness due to excess iron from water a filter is available to reduce the content. The technician will install the filter and your water will be clear and clean again.
  • Tannic acid is not easily removed from the water supply. If this is causing the water to be cloudy, a professional plumber experienced in well water drilling and maintenance will inspect the well and plumbing to locate the problem and choose an custom option for reducing or eliminating it.

You expect to turn on your faucet and see clear, safe drinking water. When the water is cloudy, it is important to find the cause. Moreover, do not drink it. Maintaining the entire plumbing system of your home avoids serious problems. Bottled water is a temporary solution.

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