DIY Could Be A Big Mistake

3 Common DIY Plumbing Fixes that Can Go Terribly Wrong


Many people like to consider themselves handy around the house. They are able to manage most basic home repairs that don’t require expert knowledge or special tools. However, there are some serious plumbing issues that should be checked by licensed plumbers. Here are three common DIY plumbing problems that the average person often gets wrong.

Backed-up Floor Drains.

It’s not uncommon for floor drains to flood occasionally. Sometimes they get stopped up with hair or sand, or other debris. Many homeowners tackle the problem by using a snake other hardware tool. But a clogged drain can be part of a more serious issue of the drain is clogged further down in the pipeline or is stuffed with a substance that cannot be easily removed.

In these cases a licensed plumber should be called for an expert opinion. Trying too hard to dislodge the drain can result in damage to the pipes or the failure to completely clear the problem, meaning it will keep on happening.

Leaky Shower Stalls.

Although a leaky shower may not seem like much trouble, it can be serious. If the dripping shower faucet is leaking water behind the shower fixture, or below it, the water may be damaging the underlying wooden home structure. This can lead to mold, decay, and eventual destruction of the shower enclosure.
The same is true of the shower drain that keeps backing up or flooding. If these problems occur, it is best to have the shower checked by a plumber to ensure there are no invisible damages taking place under or behind the shower enclosure.

Broken Outdoor Faucets.

Many people do not pay much attention to outdoor faucets. Since they don’t use them often, it doesn’t matter whether the faucet is working or not. If a drip occurs, homeowners often believe it is insignificant. They think a few drops of water outside the home is nothing to worry about. But the problem is that dripping water, no matter how sporadic it may be, could be seeping down the side of the house into the home’s foundation or basement.

Behind or within the walls, mold and serious damage may be occurring without anyone knowing. Smells may develop. Cracks in the walls below the leak could show up. Outdoor faucets and plumbing lines should be checked and repaired to protect the home’s structure and foundation.

Calling a plumber for fixes like these can save time and money over the long term.

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