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Garbage Disposal –Do You Know the Proper Use of It? | Local Plumbers in Cleveland, TN

Garbage Disposal Do You Know the Proper Use of It   Local Plumbers in Cleveland TN

Do you have a garbage disposal installed in your house or are you thinking to get one? If the answer is yes, then understanding the proper use of this little magical device is imperative. This will not only assist in avoiding heavy garbage disposal repairs but it will also increase the life of your equipment in the long run.

So what measures do you take when you find smelly, old leftover soup in the back of your refrigerator? Well anyone who has a garbage disposal installed would simply dump smelly, wet food into their sink in order to get rid of it at the earliest as the local plumber in Cleveland, TN states.

But when you don’t have a garbage disposal installed, either you strain the smelly food or you take the risk of clogging your drain line. Thus, a garbage disposal is certainly a convenience but until you damage it by neglecting some important considerations. Just like your water heater or air conditioner, a garbage disposal is also electric equipment that requires adequate measures to remain functional. There are some dos and don’ts of garbage disposal that all of us must know and ensure to keep our garbage disposal working at all times.

Remember when you keep your garbage disposal well-maintained you avoid the problems of bad odor or clogging as the professionals of a plumbingcompany in Cleveland, TN suggests.

But the question is;

What Can You Actually Put in Your Garbage Disposal?

Well, the truth about what we can put down our garbage disposal is that it totally depends on the type of garbage disposal you have. As per thelocal plumbers in Cleveland, TN, high-end and modern garbage disposals are capable to grind a lot more types of food than any other older or basic garbage disposal.

In some areas, the plumbing systems are not designed to handle a largequantity of food waste. In other words, just because your garbage disposal has the tendency to grind anything or any food item does not mean that the plumbing system in your home can also handle it. Also,it does not mean that your cities’ waste system is capable of processing anything you send down your house’s drain.

Having said this, there are a few things to consider before you put down anything to pass through the garbage disposal. As the local plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggests, when a garbage disposal is clogged, it is not the equipment itself that gets clogged but the drain pipes which gets blocked due to food sludge and grease.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Garbage Disposal

Following are some dos and don’ts of a garbage disposal that will help you use your equipment properly and without damaging or affecting its efficiency.


  • Always follow the instructions given inthe product manual, provided by the manufacturers. As per the local plumbers in Cleveland, TN, every garbage disposal is different in terms of mechanics so you must read the product manual to know more about it.
  • Make sure that your garbage disposal is installed by professionals. In other words, when a garbage disposal is installed professionally, it significantly reduces the associated problems. The plumbing of garbage disposal is not generally complicated but it is imperative to perform it right. This means that you must make sure that your garbage disposal is properly hooked up to the dish water and plumbing system, correctly.
  • Use the tongs and turn off the disposal when retrieving food items that have mistakenly fallen into your garbage disposal. Be very careful not to put hands when your garbage disposal is switched on.
  • The local plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggest teaching your children how to properly and safely use a garbage disposal
  • You must have adequate knowledge in terms of cleaning a garbage disposal. Always clean the garbage disposal regularly in order to prevent odd smell.
  • When you are using the garbage disposal, always run cold water. This help fats to coagulate so that it canbe ground rather than sticking to drain pipes further down.



  • Never use your garbage disposal to grind anything than food scraps
  • Never put any wood, metal, sponges or glass in your garbage disposal
  • Always avoid using the garbage disposal as your trash can. Remember is it designed for food scraps and not to process a largeamount of food
  • As per the local plumbers in Cleveland, TN, avoid processing coffee grounds in your garbage disposal. While this may not damage your garbage disposal, it will surely accumulate in the plumbing
  • If your garbage disposal is not working properly, don’t attempt to fix the issue by pouring drain cleaner or bleach down the disposal. This can significantly damage your plumbing system.
  • Don’t put any kind of fibrous items like celery, eggshells and banana peels. If you think that small piece of celery will not jam the garbage disposal, a banana peel and many stalks of celery will definitely do it. This happens when the fibrous strands wraparound the disposal blades and hamper its functionality. So when you are in doubt, it’s better to toss it in the trash and not down the sink.
  • As stated above, never attempt to put hands in your garbage disposal in order to retrieve any fallen item unless the garbage disposal is turned off. Or you may also use tings to retrieve the item.

In the bottom line

All of these dos and don’ts are recommended by the professionals of a plumbing company in Cleveland, TN. All these considerations will help you keep your garbage disposal functional for a long time and without incurring heavy repair and replacement cost.

Garbage disposals are worrying free appliance if you know how to use them properly. If you need professional insight on keeping your garbage disposal safe or if you are facing garbage disposal issue then head over to Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air right away. You can take their assistance by dialing their 24/7 customer helpline number.

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