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Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


A common problem homeowners encounter is a bad odor coming out of the garbage disposal. There are many reasons for this persistent and often offensive odor. Fortunately, our skilled plumbers can fix this issue. You should know how we can help and what to do to avoid problems in the future.

How Can a Plumber Help?

One of the first things our professional plumbers can do is to clean the unit thoroughly. We can use special tools and cleaners that will remove the bacteria inside causing the foul smells. We can disassemble the unit safely without harming your sink or your garbage disposal. This could solve the problem quickly.

Remove Trapped Food

Something that could be causing bad smells in your garbage disposal is food that has become trapped inside. Some food can simply find a place inside the unit where it can sit and rot slowly over time. The mold and bacteria that forms will release horrible odors. We can take your garbage disposal apart and find any food stuck inside. We will remove it, sanitize the surfaces and then reinstall the disposal.

Repair or Tune the Disposal

A malfunctioning disposal can lead to very bad smells over time. If the blades are not operating correctly, then they could start to throw pieces of food against the inner parts of the disposal. These particles are not easily washed away. They can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Other problems could prevent food from draining out of the disposal properly. Our skilled plumbers can repair or tune your disposal so that it works correctly at all times.

Check the Plumbing

Unpleasant odors might not be because of only your garbage disposal. Other factors could be causing the smells. The smell can be the result of clogs in your plumbing system or sewer line. The clogs can send sewer gases and wastewater back into your drains where it causes foul smells. We will check your drains to be certain that there are no clogs causing unpleasant odors.

What Shouldn’t I Put Into My Disposer?

Never put exceptionally tough or fibrous foods in your garbage disposal. These things like vegetable peels, artichoke leaves or other items that are normally hard to chew. Do not pour oil or fat through the disposal. It can congeal and cause problems. Avoid putting pasta into the disposal since it can expand and clog the trap. The same is true of coffee grinds. Never put eggshells in the disposal because the inner membrane can wind around parts and jam the unit.

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