It May Be That Time for Drain Cleaning

Why Does a Drain Clog? 


How Can I Keep This From Happening?

Residents may notice the water going slowly down the drain, or may wake up to a clogged sink. How and why does a drain clog? Several reasons underline the causes. Plumbers understand all the reason, and can help you solve emergencies or nonemergency situations. They help you to a safe conclusion about how to fix a clogged drain.

The cause of a clogged drain might be food particles trapped at the bottom of the pipe in your kitchen. There is also the fat and oil people pour down their drains. This fat solidifies in the pipes, and causes slow to almost no movement in the pipes over time.

Next, your bathroom pipe may have soap scum stuck to the pipes, and cause a drainage problem. Now add hair, a small toy or two, and other greasy products. You have standing water you don’t want.


Who to Call?

Call a plumber to solve a clogged drain. They are familiar with the different types of pipes. If you believe you know what the problem is, this will move the process along quicker. A well-trained, seasoned plumber can find, analyze, and figure out a solution. They have the tools and experience to make sure a quick, solution filled service call.

Before you get to the place where a plumber is needed, try proven tips from plumbers. First, watch what you put in your drain. Grease, oils, hair, and hard to dissolve foods add up over time. Put these items in the trash, or in the case of grease and oils, drain them into a can or old jar, and throw in the trash.

Plumbers recommend that residents use a drain cover to strain ingredients from entering the drain’s opening. This catches chunks of food, soap scum, and coffee grounds. Discard this in the trash as well.

What is Recommended?

Professional plumbers suggest cleaning your drain at least once a week or month. It keeps your drains running freely. Simply run hot water from the faucet, or pour boiled water down the drain.

This loosens food and grease from pipes that has built up during the week or month. If you know you’ve let grease slip down the drain, make sure you put hot water down the drain as soon as possible.

Furthermore, technicians recommend using baking soda before you pour hot water down the drain. Throw a handful of baking soda into the drain, and follow it with hot water. Baking soda cleans your drain, and eliminates strong odors. This ritual will keep your drain clean and flowing.

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