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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


Hydrojetting just may be the next new drain cleaning trend in the Plumbing Industry, offering hard-working men and women in the field a solution to the nuisance of the unbreakable clog. Every upstanding professional Plumber has encountered the kind of clog that can seem to make or break his pride. No matter how seasoned the tradesman, there are some clogs that simply just won’t succumb to any handy tool in the belt. Thanks to the advent of hydrojetting, there is now no clog too great for even the most highly skilled plumber in the industry.

Hydrojetting can be used on substance clogs such as grease, debris and even heavy tree roots. In this method, the professional plumber delivers a blast of water at the astounding pressure level of around 4000 psi. It is of course always necessary to assess the specific clog and situation before employing such a heavy-duty method. The professional plumber will need to carefully inspect the pipe via video, checking for the condition of the piping, as well as the nature of the substance causing the clog. He or she may perhaps find it necessary to utilize a drain snake prior to performing hydrojetting, as well. Needless to say, this method is not highly recommended for extremely old or overly worn piping. The utilization of hydrojetting can sometimes break down piping that is already on its last legs.

However, the professional plumber is encouraged not to be deterred by the brute strength of the hydrojetting method. In fact, it is such an accessible mode of clog removal that the average tradesman may even find it helpful in catering to his or her homeowner clients. By no means is this method reserved strictly for commercial or industrial use. It can prove quite helpful for servicing homeowner clients who simply have persistent issues with a tedious slow drain. Hydrojetting can also be employed in cases where the plumber finds tree roots blocking proper plumbing piping in the home. In this case and in countless other situations, the professional plumber will find hydrojetting to be a quick fix to most any otherwise daunting dilemma.

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