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Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


One of the most frustrating maintenance requirements that all home owners face is the requirement to keep their drains clean. Drains that are not clean will continue to clog to a point where they are no longer useful.

As opposed to hiring a plumber to clean out a drain every time it clogs, most people choose to use chemical drain cleaners. While chemical drain cleaners can be a good option for cleaning out a drain, there are several dangers of drain cleaners that all people need to be aware of.


The first danger that all people need to be aware of when they are using a drain cleaner is that many of the drain cleaners are quite poisonous. In order to clean out a drain quickly, the cleaner uses a very dangerous mixture of chemicals to make it as effective as possible.

Of all of the chemicals in the cleaner, the most dangerous is sodium hydroxide. If someone accidentally swallows some of it, it can lead to sever stomach pains, diarrhea, tissue damage, internal bleeding, and even death.

Pleasant Taste

Another danger of these products is that they do not taste too bad. Like other chemicals, drain cleaner can have a sweet taste that can be appealing to young kids. Many kids, who are unknowing of the risks associated with swallowing the product, will be attracted to the smell.

If you do notice that your child has swallowed some of the drain cleaner, it would be a good idea to follow the directions on the back of the bottle. This can include requiring you bring the child to your local emergency room.

Damage to Drains

The third danger that is associated with drain cleaners is that they can actually be damaging to a drain over time. Drain cleaner does a great job of breaking down clogs to ensure that they no longer take up space, allowing water to drain out of your sink more efficiently. Unfortunately, the drain cleaner can also break down the drains and pipes over time.

Drain cleaner can lead to quicker corrosion, which will eventually lead to leaks and require you to have the pipes and drains removed entirely. Because of this, the chemical cleaners should only be used sparingly.

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