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Plumbing Company Tips: Should I Switch To Smart Plumbing? | Cleveland, TN

Plumbing Company Tips Should I Switch To Smart Plumbing   Cleveland TN
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Smart plumbing technology offers a lot of benefits to homeowners. Most smart devices have water-saving features and are very convenient. They are ideal for homeowners who want to get more from their plumbing. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of smart plumbing and the types of smart plumbing devices that you can install for your home.

Call a plumbing company in Cleveland, TN, for professional installation of these devices.

Pros and Cons of Smart Plumbing Technology


Water-Saving Feature

One of the best features of smart plumbing technology is the water-saving features. When you contact a plumbing company to install smart plumbing appliances and fixtures, you get to reduce your water consumption by about 20%. You get significant savings annually when you add that up.

If you want to know what smart plumbing fixtures to install, speak with a professional at a plumbing company in your area for advice. They can discuss the different pros and cons of each fixture and give you the best recommendations for your home.

Reduces Repair Costs

Smart plumbing devices are usually equipped with sensors to alert you when something is wrong with the plumbing. This means that an issue will be addressed promptly. Some plumbing problems can’t be detected right away; it will be too late when you notice them.

By getting real-time alerts, a homeowner can do something right. You don’t even have to be at home to know if there is something wrong with your plumbing. With smart plumbing technology, you can connect your devices to your phone via WiFi.

As soon as you get an alert, you can contact a plumbing company so they can check your plumbing at the soonest possible time. It reduces costly repairs because the problem is fixed immediately.

Clean and Safety

Another reason to invest in smart plumbing technology is it promotes cleanliness and safety. With touchless plumbing, you won’t have to worry about touching anything with bacteria in it. If you own a commercial unit, consider installing these devices so visitors or your tenants won’t have to touch any fixtures. It will prevent the spread of germs.

Contact a plumbing company if you want to know what type of smart plumbing devices you can install for your home.

Prevents Water Disasters

You’ll get a lot of problems with a flooded home. Imagine how much it would cost to replace the affected appliances and the cost of fixing your floors or your home’s foundation. That’s on top of the plumbing repair costs.

You can prevent water damage by installing smart plumbing technology in your home. When you have leak detection devices, you’ll be alerted immediately when water is detected in your home. You can contact a plumbing company right away to help you alleviate the problem.

Water damage can also be dangerous if there are electronic sockets close to the floor. You can avoid this and have a safer home when you decide to switch to smart plumbing technology.

During installation, make sure that you only work with a professional at a plumbing company in your area to ensure the proper installation of your smart plumbing appliances and fixtures.


There are a lot of things you can do with smart plumbing technology. You can adjust the temperatures in your homes while away or control how water flows in your homes. It’s very convenient. However, it would be best to make sure that you only work with a licensed plumber to install these types of appliances. Get in touch with a plumbing company for the best smart plumbing solutions for your home.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Apart from the many benefits you get by switching to smart plumbing technology, these devices also look chic and elegant. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future or have it rented, then you might be able to demand a higher price for your home.

To know which smart plumbing technology to invest in, contact a plumbing company for the best recommendations.



One downside of investing in smart plumbing technology is the cost of the appliances/fixtures and the installation. Dual flush toilets cost more than regular toilets. Smart showers with several features cost a lot more than regular showers in your home. However, smart plumbing devices usually come with the biggest benefits, such as water-saving features, which means that you get to save more money in the long run. The high cost is only upon purchasing the appliance or fixture and installation. But your water bills will be significantly lower than having regular toilets, faucets or showers.

Not Ideal for People Who Don’t Like Technology

If you’re not tech-savvy, it could take time for you to learn how to use smart plumbing devices. So long as you take your time, though, you’ll find out that it’s easy to operate.

Can Be Unreliable

Smart plumbing devices are connected to the internet via your WiFi. So if you’re suddenly disconnected, that means you won’t be able to get any notifications or alerts. There is a remedy to this, though — make sure that you have backup internet so you won’t have to worry about not connecting to your smart plumbing.

Like all other home appliances, there are always pros and cons for each. With smart plumbing technology, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

As experts in anything plumbing, we would recommend that you invest in smart plumbing for your home, especially if you want more convenience and other helpful features.

During installation, make sure that you contact a plumbing company in your area for professional installation.

Smart Plumbing For Your Home

Below are smart plumbing fixtures for your home:

Smart Showers

Do you know that you can also connect your smart shower to your smartphone? You pre-set the temperature of your shower, play music and even take phone calls.

Smart showers are ideal for homeowners who prefer luxurious homes on top of being able to control their plumbing. There are smart showers that you can connect to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Most importantly, they can also save you money as they have water-saving features.

Because they’re smart, these types of showers can remember every temperature you’ve ever set. This means they know exactly when to pause or change the temperature.

If you like this cool feature, contact a plumbing company so they can give you recommendations on the best smart shower devices in the market today.

Smart Toilets

These types of toilets are designed to save water and protect the environment. Compared to regular toilets, smart toilets use about 50% less water. Some of the cool smart toilets include having heated seats, automatic flushing, voice activation, massaging bidet wash, foot warmer and many more.

Contact a plumbing company if you’re thinking about installing smart toilets for your home.

Pump Monitoring

Pump monitoring is beneficial for your home because it backs up your primary pump when it’s no longer functioning or when the power suddenly goes out. Although you can buy backup batteries for your sump pump, it’s best to have a pump monitoring so because you can connect to the device. You get notifications, albeit you’re away from home.

During installation, ensure that you only work with a licensed plumber from a reputable plumbing company in Cleveland, TN.

Smart Faucets

Smart faucets have different features. Some of them let you know if the water temperature suddenly changes color. They can also automatically shuts off when not in use for more than 4 minutes. Others can you can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant. If you want to be really practical, you can also install faucets right above your stove. It’s ideal for filling pots or your kettle. Apart from the water-saving features, these types of faucets also promote cleanliness and safety.

Contact a plumbing company in Cleveland, TN, if you’re interested in installing smart faucets for your home.

Smart Pipes and Led Temperature Monitors

Pipes with smart plumbing technology can detect leaks and even tell you if there is a filtration problem. Led monitors are a great addition, especially when you have little children in your home. It will tell you if the water has reached your desired temperature. Don’t forget leak sensor kits that can automatically shut off your main water supply when it detects a leak.

Contact a plumbing company in Cleveland, TN, if you’re ready to install smart plumbing devices for your home.

Smart Water Heaters

Like leak detection devices, smart water heaters also come with sensors to tell if something is off in your equipment. You can also program it so that it will tell you irregularities in your water consumption.

Like all smart plumbing devices, smart water heaters are environment-friendly. You’ll be using less energy because water is only needed on demand. There is no need to heat them constantly.

While they are more expensive than conventional heaters, you get to save more money because less energy is used, and you’re not wasting water. Call a plumbing company for the installation of your water heater.

Smart Laundry

Yes, you can add a smart washer to your smart home. This type of appliance gives you more control over your laundry than a regular washer. Some of their features include:

Remotely start, monitor, and stop wash cycles using your mobile phone. This means you can finish doing laundry even when you’re not in the laundry room. Of course, you get notifications when the wash cycle is finished. Like all other smart devices, you also have the option to connect this to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also features a self-cleaning cycle and a sensor that alerts you if something is wrong with the washer or when it’s time for maintenance. And there’s more! When you run out of detergent, you can use the Amazon option to order more detergent. It’s extremely convenient. Most importantly, you can integrate your smart washer with your smart home.

You can do the same with your smart dryer. Connect it to wifi and stop or start cycles using your mobile phone. You also get to download new dryer cycles and use voice commands for controlling your dryer.

The only downside to installing smart washers and dryers is the cost of purchasing and repairing them. They are ideal for homeowners who prioritize convenience more. Should you decide to get a smart washer and dryer, do ensure that you perform regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road.

You can avoid repairs when you only work with a licensed plumber during the installation of your smart washing machine and dryer.

Choose WaterSense Products

When shopping for bathroom or kitchen fixtures, consider WaterSense products because it lets you reduce your water consumption to about 20%. A product with a WaterSense label means that it has passed the water efficiency requirement set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. These products are also environment-friendly.

It’s easy to find WaterSense products. You look for the WaterSense label and then contact a plumbing company in Cleveland, TN, for the professional installation of these devices.

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