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Excellence in plumbing is a combination of experience and skills that we use to provide the best repairs, maintenance, and new equipment installation for your home’s plumbing, and the process we use to deliver those services. From the communication that gets us to your door prepared for your plumbing situation and our plumbing company’s customer service team, to the clean sweep as we finish our work at your home and head out, at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN, our high plumbing company standards are part of our professional services and our reputation. Our family-owned and operated plumbing company is here for you, 24/7, with the careful attention and neighborly service that our community deserves. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, with a great team of professional plumbers, some of the best in the area. As a full-service plumber you can count on us for all your installations, repairs, and urgent plumbing needs, always with upfront pricing without upselling beyond what you actually need. Whether you’re remodeling and looking for a great plumber, or dealing with a burst pipe in the night and a flooded bathroom, our business operates the same way.

Plumbing Is a Messy Business. We Clean Up Afterwards.

Many of the repairs and installations we perform require excavations in your yard or accessing pipes behind your walls and other necessary disruptions. We believe in respectful, careful practices that take good care of your home and perform our plumbing work with an expert touch that leaves as little cleanup to perform as possible. When we finish, the trench is properly filled, interior spaces restored, and materials cleaned up and removed. Our team In Cleveland, TN treats your home’s interior as we would our own, professionally and conscientiously. Inside your walls and in other spaces where we’re working, our plumbing is expertly crafted, so that even when everything is closed up and finished, you know it’s well done.

Water Line Repairs and Sewer Line Care

Some of our work is a big production, with plenty of preparation and planning. When we work on your water line to repair damage or leaks, we orchestrate the work to protect your property and efficiently get to work with a minimum of disruption to your life. We know that water and sewer problems are a big deal for homeowners, and we provide the information, options, and explanations that you need to make the right choice for you, knowing upfront what the costs will be and how the work will proceed. We want our customers to feel like their major plumbing company projects are improvements to their property and lifestyle, not leaps into the unknown that leave them feeling uncertain. Our techniques and equipment are up-to-date, with carefully operated equipment when needed, handled by experienced and trained operators, and pipe inspection, repairs, relining, or replacement that results in your confidence that your home is all set with repairs that will last into the future.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Call us for expert service on your type of water heater, and replacement with the model that’s right for you. Our plumbing company encourages proper maintenance of water heaters, with repairs such as anode rod replacement that help the tank last as long as possible. When our periodic inspection reveals that it’s time to consider a new water heater, we’ll help you consider your options for cost, energy efficiency, and fit with your family’s lifestyle. These days there are many options for water heating, including traditional gas and electric units, hybrid tank-based water heaters, and tankless units that keep on supplying the hot water as long as you need it. Our replacement process is carefully designed to make a quick and professional exchange of similar units or to prepare and install a new type of water heater on a schedule that makes sense to you. We explain any new features or modes of operation and also recommend the right maintenance schedule to prolong your new unit’s life, maintain the protective valve properly on tank-based units, and ensure that your vents and filter are regularly cleaned on tankless units. Our repair skills are current for new technologies, as many hot water heaters now include sensors and electronics to manage the more efficient process.

Bathroom and Kitchen Leak Repairs

Leaks are rarely as simple as they sound since many of them originate in unseen locations underground or behind walls. Fortunately, our experience as plumbers combined with new leak detection technologies allows us to locate the origin of the leak with a minimum of disruption, following from the point where evidence appears along pipes or other structural components to the crack or damage in the pipe, gaining access as close as possible to the origin. Our plumbing company video inspection equipment is helpful in determining the nature of the leak from the inside of the pipe, which may help us to understand if we are seeking one of a potential series of leaks due to pipe corrosion and aging. If we suspect it’s time to replace pipes, we’ll present our case and the plan for your consideration and make our recommendations for protecting your home from water damage that could be costly and lead to mold, insect nesting, and other moisture-related issues. We take leaks seriously and have advanced techniques to locate and repair them properly.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain clogs are also plumbers’ puzzles, as anyone at our plumbing company can tell you. Sometimes a plastic dinosaur fell into the toilet, but other times you could have a clog far down the pipe in the wall, or even a plumbing vent problem on the roof causing your toilet to circle and not flush, or your sink to gurgle and not drain. We take the symptoms that you’ve observed and our knowledge of how complex drain systems work and come up with a solution that’s more than just punching a hole through a clog so you get some drain flow, but a drain that runs as it should. Our plumbing company also recommends annual drain cleaning as a way to keep your drain pipes in great shape, without long-term buildup that keeps gathering material and forming new clogs. The plumbing company team carefully cleans using several techniques and inspects the pipes along the way to identify clogs and address them appropriately, looking for any signs of corrosion or other issues in the pipes as we clean.

Water Filter and Softener Installation

One of the best things you can do for your pipes overall is to reduce the corrosion effects of hard water, which also impact your hot water heater and other appliances. Our plumbing company has a solution. A water softening system makes the changes in your home’s water supply that reduce the risk of corrosion, while improving the taste and feel of the water, improving soap and shampoo performance as well.

Hydro Jetting

Blasting your pipes with hydro jetting is a great way for our plumbing company to clean them of deposits, especially grease, that have accumulated along the way. When they’re clean back to the pipe walls, it’s harder for material to attach and form clogs, letting your drains operate as they should. It’s also a great method for breaking up organic clogs so they can flow downstream. In your sewer line, the same power, thousands of PSI, can break up clogs of accumulated material that has started to cause backups inside your home’s plumbing. Our plumbing company uses video inspection along with this process, to make sure it’s the right solution for your pipes and the types of clogs that are present.

Garbage Disposal Servicing and Replacement

The combination of your sink’s drain, garbage disposal, and dishwasher drain can have some complex interactions, as well as trouble from the wrong garbage affecting the unit’s operation. Our plumbing company team knows garbage disposals inside and out, and can safely clean them and remove objects rattling or stuck so you don’t have to take the risk of reaching inside. If your unit is leaking, we can check it out and let you know if it’s time to replace it, taking care of it right away before it’s time to make Sunday dinner or a holiday feast. If you still have the original builder’s disposal that came with the house, it might also be time to consider one with a stronger motor for better performance and longevity.

Faucet, Fixture, and Sink Replacement

Replacing old, outdated, and worn faucets and fixtures, and sinks that have seen years of service can make a big difference in your kitchen or bathroom’s appearance without a lot of investment. Sparkling finishes, modern curves and lines, and more convenient controls including paddle handles and touch-free control instead of old twist-based faucet handles. You’ll save water with controls you can easily shut off while you’re brushing your teeth, or with touch-free, controls that shut themselves off automatically so you can perform your rituals naturally with water only when you need it. Our plumbing company serving Cleveland, TN can set you up. In the kitchen, a nice raised spout that’s easier to get pitchers and pans under, and convenient control, or a spout that doubles as a removable sprayer are just a couple of your options. Stainless steel or stylish enameled sinks in the kitchen, and perhaps a vessel sink in the bathroom in line with current styling. Many faucets don’t need regular servicing as older ones did, with washer-free or ceramic washer construction. We install your kitchen and bathroom fixtures with care and give them a bit of a polish so you can admire them before you use them.

Sump Pump Work

In our area of Cleveland, TN, people have started thinking about their sump pumps and how well they’re prepared to deal with heavy rain and flooding. A sump pump inspection by our plumbing company is a great place to start, along with a discussion of discharge pipe placement, especially if you’re like many homeowners and tend to disconnect it while mowing the lawn and then leave it, so the sump pump discharges close to the house. It really needs to extend ten feet or more from the house, and there are several ways to accomplish that. Another thing people are realizing about their sump pumps — when the storms come and the power shuts off, so does the sump pump! Backup batteries are available to provide coverage, and homeowners who are getting generators installed are covering this issue along the way. There are also ways to monitor your sump pump’s operation and, of course, get updates on the internet so you know if it’s doing its job.

Clogged Toilets

Did you know there are more than five different ways that a toilet can appear clogged? The most common is, of course, stuff getting stuck in the twists and turns that toilets use instead of the curving pipe trap under your sinks. Plumbing vent problems on the roof can also cause issues with toilet flushing, as can accumulated minerals blocking the toilet jet. Combined with the complexity of the new water-saving flush mechanism, you’ll definitely want us to help with toilet issues. Do you need a new toilet and it needs some work to make it seal properly? Our plumbing company can help.

Changing Plumbing From a Problem-Based Process to a Solution-Based One

There are so many ways we can improve your family’s life and prevent plumbing problems with our plumbing solutions. Let us be your positive, responsive, respectful plumbers that provide plumbing solutions for you.

Your Professional Plumbing Company Serving the Cleveland, TN Area

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air reflects our values as a family-owned and operated business. The way we work sets us apart from other plumbing company approaches, and our excellent reviews reflect how our process makes a difference to our customers. We’re the plumbing company that serves Cleveland, TN with skill and care. Call us for all your plumbing needs, and get to know a better way.

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