Preventive Maintenance Saves Money!

How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money?


A preventative maintenance plumbing contract will ensure that your entire system functions efficiently throughout the year. The reason that this is so important is because one plumbing emergency can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Chances are than the minimal cost for the maintenance contract could pay for itself after on visit because the technician could quickly spot a potential problem and repair it while it is still minor.

Eliminating a Huge Mess in the House

Imagine if the hot water heater in your home were to burst in the middle of the night or while you were away on vacation. It won’t take too long before all that water pouring our of the heater and pipes fills up the room and begins to destroy your belongings. Water can easily damage surrounding walls, carpeting, and furniture.

The longer the emergency occurs, the more damage it will cause. When you finally call for help, you will need a plumbing expert to make ans emergency call, as well as water restoration technicians who can restore the home. This is a very costly endeavor. If you had paid for the maintenance package, chances are the technician would have seen the corroded hot water pipe that was leaking near the hot water heater and made that 5 minute repair, eliminating all the trouble that was soon to follow.

Damaging the Plumbing System

Many homeowners think that by addressing small problems themselves that they save money in the long run. They purchase chemical drain cleaners and power snakes to clear clogs in the pipes. Unaware how dangerous those chemicals are, they pour bottle after bottle into the drains at the first sign of slowly running water.

Each time they do this, in addition to releasing toxic fumes in the air, they are slowly deteriorating the integrity of the pipes. They are also inexperienced at using a power snake and risk damaging those pipes with unnecessary force. Your local plumbing professional will use the appropriate cleaning solutions and tools to make short work of any clogs in the pipes.

Why Is This Important?
The biggest benefit to having a professional plumbing company treat all your pipes is they can quickly spot a potential problem and fix it in a timely manner.

This saves you money in emergency repairs, it extends the working life of those components, and it eliminates you having to waste money on products that do little but destroy the quality of the pipes.

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