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Recapture Your Home’s Comfort With Professional Heating And AC Repair | Cleveland, TN

Recapture Your Homes Comfort With Professional Heating And AC Repair   Cleveland TN
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Whether it’s the brutal temperatures of summer or the bitterness of winter, you want to view your home as a haven from the elements. But if your HVAC system seems powerless against the temperatures, you may not feel comfortable inside, no matter what season.

To make sure your heater and air conditioner are working at optimum level, you should consider having a repair professional check it out. Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air offers a comprehensive range of repair services.

Remember how well your air conditioner worked when it was new? If your air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to ever get the house really cool, your repair specialist can help you repair or replace it.

The same is true for your heating system. Over time, parts can wear down or become obstructed. A qualified professional can give your system a complete inspection, so they can resolve your heating issues.

Not sure what is wrong? Below are some of the most frequent heating and AC repair requests.

Heater Repair

While Tennessee is known for its hot summers, the winters can be equally miserable. When the temperatures begin to drop, you want to make sure you have a dependable heater. If not, take a look at the most common heater problems.

There’s No Heat Coming Out

If your heater is not working at all, it is not getting power. It could be a problem with the power, the thermostat, ignition switch, or pilot light. If you have an electric heater, you have an ignition switch. A gas heater has a pilot light.

Check to see that your pilot light or ignition control is on and that your heater is getting power. You could have a corroded pilot light or faulty ignition switch. Or you may need a new thermostat, which would keep the heater from coming on.

There’s Not Enough Heat Coming Out

What if your heater is running, but it isn’t producing enough to heat the house? There are several options in this case.

First, make sure you have the right size heater. If you have one that is too small, it will never be able to heat properly. Your heating and AC repair professional can show you what size heater you need to keep the space warm.

If that is not the issue, you have something restricting the airflow. It could be a clogged filter or obstructed duct work that is causing the problem.

The Heater Cycles Off and On Repeatedly

Your heater should come on when the room is below the temperature setting. When that point is reached, it should kick off until needed again later.

When your heater keeps turning on and off too frequently, you should check the settings on your thermostat. If that isn’t the problem, you could have an airflow issue, like a clogged filter.

The Blower Keeps Running

A blower that won’t shut off could be a sign of a faulty limit switch. This is the part that controls when the blower should be stopped. If it is defective or broken, the blower will continue to run.

Air Conditioner Repair

Southerners understand the need for a good cooling system that can compete with the summer heat. When the sun chases you indoors, make sure that your Cleveland, TN home offers the cool comfort you desire. Don’t wait until spring to have your heating and AC repair professional fix your problems.

The Air Conditioner Isn’t Working

When an air conditioner shuts down suddenly, the first thing to check is the thermostat. Check and adjust the mode and temperature, if needed.

Next, check your breaker box because you may have tripped a breaker. If flipping the switch doesn’t change anything, it is time to call your heating and AC repair technician for help. Only a professional will have the skill, training, and experience to quickly find and fix the cause of the failure.

The Unit Is Working but the Air Isn’t Cool

A few causes could be behind this. Change your air filter if you haven’t in a while. Ensure that your thermostat is set where you want it. If setting it on the coldest temperature doesn’t produce any cool air, you may have a bad thermostat.

You should check the outside unit. Clear away any leaves, dirt, and debris from the area. Make sure all plants are at least two feet away from the unit, so it can get adequate air flow.

The Air Conditioner Is Dripping

An AC that drips water could have a clogged condensate line. That’s the PVC pipe that leaves the unit.

Additionally, a coolant leak can cause ice to build up on the coils and drip as it melts. If your air conditioner freezes up, turn the unit off and let it defrost while you call your Cleveland, TN heating and AC repair professional.

The Cooling Is Uneven

If parts of your home are comfortably cool while other areas are uncomfortable, something is restricting the airflow somewhere in your system. You may have obstructed vents or registers, inadequate insulation, or leaks in your duct work.

To make sure the airflow in your air conditioning system can move freely, have your heating and AC repair specialist inspect your duct work for blockages.

The Unit Makes Strange Noises

Any type of machinery will make some noise during operation. Your air conditioner is no different. If yours is making new noises or is getting louder, you should have a heating and AC repair professional look at it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the problem could escalate into a replacement job.

The type of sound it makes can help you determine where the problem is. Squealing sounds or screeching near the blower motor could indicate a belt problem or a bearing issue. Rattling or banging could mean a motor problem. Turn off your air conditioner and call your heating and AC repair tech right away.

Contact us today at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air to find out how our heating and AC repair team can help you create a comfortable home all year long.

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