Sump Pump 101

Advantages of Having a Sump Pump In Your Home

When you spend a significant amount of money on a home, the last thing you need is a flood coming along and wiping out your investment. Every year however, thousands of families lose their personal belongings to water damage in the basement, all of which could have been easily avoided by having a local plumbing professional install a brand new sump pump.What is a Sump Pump?
The sump pump is a small device that is activated when water levels rise in the basement. The pump does not have to be monitored, as it turns on automatically to pump excess water away from the home. The sump pump will remain running until the water level has either receded or the flooding has stopped.
Once the sump pump turns off in the basement, it will go into a stand-by mode until it detects water again. The sump pump is most effective in basements that are below the water table height in your region.Benefits of Having a Sump Pump in Your Home
The biggest benefit of having the sump pump professionally installed is you protect all your belongings from water damage. It only takes a few inches of water to destroy carpeting, area rugs, furniture, upholstery, appliances, and boxes of stored personal belongings. The water that begins to rise will also increase the moisture in the home, inviting black mold and other dangerous air quality issues into the house. The sump pump will eliminate the water and the moisture, resulting in a clean, useable basement space.
Do I need Sump Pump Services?
Hiring a local plumbing professional is your best bet for making certain that the sump pump has been installed correctly. Because this little device works around the clock, you do not want to install it incorrectly yourself and find out when the basement is flooding that it is not operating.
If you work with a local plumbing company, they can set you up on a preventative maintenance contract that will ensure they come out at least once a year to inspect and test the sump pump is working correctly.
This small investment will save you unimaginable amounts of money if you are not protected from a flood, leaking or damaged pipe, or water accessing the basement from another source. Having a professional plumbing company install, repair, or service your sump pump is the best way to protect your home and your possessions.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home! To install, service, or repair a sump pump in your Chattanooga home, call the experts of Metro Sewer & Plumbing at (423) 855-0967.