The Best Brands for Your Plumbing System

Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands

The plumbing fixtures you choose for your bathroom and kitchen should be made of the highest quality materials. Plumbers recommend you choose faucets that prevent leaks and wasted water. Your plumbing system may contain a combination of galvanized steel, copper or cast iron. In some areas of the country, you may find homes that have a plastic piping system. Plastic is becoming more popular because of the ease of installation.


The Top 10

Here are the top 10 fixture brands that are recommended by professional plumbers.

1. Toilets – American Standard is a top choice when it comes to toilets that use less water.

2. Faucets – Delta is a top producer of bathroom and kitchen faucets that save energy.

3. Showerheads – Plumbers choose Hansgrohe Raindane showerheads for water conservation and functionality.

4. Tankless water heaters – Noritz is the leading brand of tankless water heaters preferred by professional plumbers.

5. Water Fountains – Grainger is the top product preferred by plumbers for water fountains.

6. Aerators – Conserve water with Danco in the lead and chosen most by plumbers.

7. Commercial Toilets – with manual dual flash valve by American Standard is once again a favorite for plumbers.

8. Lawn Irrigation Systems – Rain Bird is the top chosen brand by plumbers.

9. Waterfree Urinals – Falcon is the top brand preferred by professional plumbers.

10. Landscaping Water Conservation – The preferred brand for commercial landscaping tools is Rain Bird and selected by most plumbers.

Water Saving Tips

Most kitchen and bathroom faucets are equipped with lifetime warranties and they are made out of high-quality finishes. Saving water in the kitchen and bath is the best way to contribute to a greener lifestyle. Create new habits when you shower by not turning on the water until you are ready to step into the shower. You should also keep the water off while brushing your teeth. Showering uses approximately 29 percent of overall household use. The washing machine uses approximately 19 percent.

Consider replacing an old washing machine with a new, energy-efficient model that uses less water. Flushing the toilet accounts for over 16 percent of water usage. Replacing your toilets with an energy-saving model will help you reduce your water bills and save water. An outdoor sprinkler system is an effective way to water your lawn without wasting water. Be sure to set the sprinkler system to water the yard in the correct amounts instead of overwatering that leads to poor soil.

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