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The Easy to Miss Signs of a Malfunctioning AC and When It’s Time to Call an Air Conditioner Repair Expert | Chattanooga, TN

The Easy to Miss Signs of a Malfunctioning AC and When Its Time to Call an Air Conditioner Repair Expert   Chattanooga TN
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When an AC breaks you know it. After all, if it’s not cooling down your home, apartment, or business, the heat can be unbearable. In some cases, the heat can even lead to potentially dangerous consequences. What is not so simple to spot are the signs that an AC might need some help to run at its full potential. Look at these signs and remember them when it comes time to crank up the AC again.

Water in Strange Places

Condensation is something that goes along with the process of keeping a home or office cool. Sometimes, that moisture can prove to be too much and along the way offers a glimpse into the problems of an AC unit. If water is appearing in strange or unusual places, it might not be a plumbing problem. Instead, look to the unit as well as the vents and indoor mechanisms that work with it.

If there is an abundance of water or moisture around the vents the challenge could be what is behind the problem. That is where a qualified air conditioner repair expert in Chattanooga, TN can help get to the heart of the problem. The overall explanation behind these types of issues may turn out to be not as bad as someone might expect, but it could require a complete cleaning of pipes, hoses, and vent portions of a system. 

Another element to look out for, and something that those trained to do air conditioner repair always consider, is moisture around the unit itself. Any moisture and water coming out of the unit, other than possible release valves, proves to be dangerous. If you spot it around or on the AC unit, do not touch it. Instead, wait for the professional’s instructions. One of the solutions could involve shutting off power to the unit until further notice. 

A Strange Smell Throughout the Area

Another element that can go unnoticed is the smell. An unpleasant smell accompanies certain AC issues. This odor could be confused with other parts of the home. While no odors are completely alike, it is commonly associated with rotten scents. That means many homeowners mistakenly go to their dishwasher and trash compactor before calling someone with knowledge of air conditioner repair. It’s easy to think that food lodged in either product holds the odor in. Another area mistaken for the smell is trash cans and bathrooms that could hold waste products. 

In actuality, the reason behind the odor might just stem from an improperly maintained AC system. The source itself can be anything from stagnant fluids to a malfunctioning fan. In any case, it is a best bet to have someone who knows about air conditioner repair and is considered a professional in the field look at the problem. They have tools and equipment to diagnose the source of odors in the system and can help you put together the best plans for a permanent solution to the problem.

Thermostat Not Matching Actual Temperature

It might seem obvious, but the temperature around you could be a clue that an AC is in need of air conditioner repair. Many times, it could be such a simple change or detail that you don’t even feel the difference until it is a major emergency. Take a quick look at the AC’s thermostat. Does your thermostat have a setting that matches your home or office’s current temperature? A great way to check this out is to use a regular thermometer that takes reading at the push of a button. If the answer doesn’t seem right, it is time to call a professional air conditioner repair expert in Chattanooga, TN. Be sure to tell them about your readings and how close it is to the set thermometer temperature.

Odd Coloring Around Vents or Hoses

If an odd color is showing up on the vents, vent covers, or visible hoses, this could be the signs of mold. Mold is a huge issue for homeowners and businesses, with many finding it hard to remove when found. The colors can range from a lighter shade of green to black with the latter being a very serious concern for health in addition to comfort. Before cleaning or touching the affected areas, it is important to have an air conditioner repair professional in Chattanooga, TN assess the issue. They can not only treat the problem in your AC, but clean the exposed areas in a way that prevents more unwanted mold from forming. 

Mold from AC units might not appear in the usual spots. Because the AC pushes cool air outwards, the vents could spread mold into nearby items. If anything is in its way such as a water feature or bathroom fixtures, those parts are a great spot for finding added growth. Bathrooms are especially prone to this since it is already the biggest threat for mold and mildew over time.

Constantly Switching On and Off

The sound of your AC coming on to cool off the home on a hot day is welcome. Unfortunately, the sound of an AC could be a signal that the unit itself is having trouble. This is a common issue among air conditioner repair when temperatures climb. Higher temps often mean that the unit is in use and cannot keep up with the demands. When the AC is constantly switching itself on and off, it is time to call someone who knows how to properly deal with air conditioner repair. 

Your AC is vital to staying comfortable and cool during hot days. When something is wrong, the air conditioner repair experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air know what it takes to get your AC up and running in no time. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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