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The Many Advantages Of Having Your Heating And Air Conditioning Service Keep Your System Clean   Cleveland TN
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At Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air serving the Cleveland, TN area, our HVAC system services include thorough cleaning of your heating and cooling system components. It just makes sense to keep things clean, they generally last longer and give less trouble when you do. There are also specific reasons to clean your system, especially certain components, that make the regular maintenance of your system even more important. You can:

  • Save money with increased heating and cooling unit efficiency
  • Improve your health with cleaner air
  • Avoid breakdowns from rodent nests in your AC unit
  • Prevent icing on your indoor AC unit
  • Keep your fan motors from breaking down due to clogged filters
  • Avoid smelly, messy disasters in your home from uncleaned drains, especially in attic units

Our expert HVAC personnel can carefully clean your system and help you avoid all these issues and many more, while gently protecting the sometimes delicate components inside.

Cleaning the Coils

By having your evaporator and condenser coils cleaned, you can earn a bonus of up to 30 percent of your energy use, since that’s how much efficiency you could gain by this one service alone. If you don’t have your AC system maintained on an annual basis, it could be dirty enough to really reduce the effectiveness of your heat transfer to the outdoors and cooling in your home. Outside, the condenser coils are bound to get dirty just by the passing of the seasons and the wind blowing material into them. Dirty evaporator coils slow the flow of warm inside air through them, and instead of cooling the air for you to enjoy, they can actually wind up freezing. Then, you get no cooling at all and it’s time for a heating and air conditioning service call. It’s important that you leave cleaning the coils and defrosting them if necessary to the experts, as these components are delicate and if damaged, they could leak costly refrigerant as well. One thing you can do which will definitely help avoid icing: keep on changing that air filter, so that the warm airflow is nice and strong through the evaporator.

Ducts and Air Quality

Speaking of air filters, what doesn’t get filtered out goes circulating through your ducts and around your home. Over time, a lot of it accumulates on the insides of the metal ducts, sometimes to the point where the space is narrowed by as much as half. It’s pretty impressive to see pictures of what looks like a duct lined with heavy felt, but it’s actually years of dust and other things you probably don’t want to know about. Unfortunately, those other things contain allergens, material where bacteria can grow, and other things that aren’t good for your air quality. Regular duct cleaning from your heating and air conditioning service provider will get your ducts clean and keep them clean and you’ll probably notice the difference in both better breathing and better heating and cooling. Your heating and air conditioning service provider can also install HEPA filters, a humidity control system, and UV treatment for even better and more breathable air, especially for sensitive residents of your home.

Pre-Season AC Cleanout and Servicing

If you need the motivation to schedule a pre-season heating and air conditioning service, just think about a couple of memories. One, that time when your furnace was running but the blower wasn’t blowing, and your home was pretty cold. The other, that time in the hot days of summer when you had everyone over for a birthday party and the AC, working hard, shut down on you. These things happen to many homeowners, but they happen a lot less to homeowners who had their AC serviced before the cooling season and their heating serviced before it got cold out. There are so many things that your heating and air conditioning service team can do to keep your system in good shape, and many ways that they can detect problems before they hit mid-season and make you miserable. For example, they can notice motor and belt problems, take measurements and replace motors that are nearing the end of their lives, and make sure your air conditioning compressor isn’t on its last legs. Even small components like the contactor that gets your AC going can be checked, cleaned, and replaced if necessary without your family running all the fans you own until the heating and air conditioning service techs are done with the repairs.

How Often Do You Change Your Filter? Many Homeowners Neglect This, But It Pays In So Many Ways

Your heating and air conditioning service would like to remind you about changing your system’s filter. It’s such an important part of keeping everything running smoothly, yet there are times when we open up the filter panel and it’s like there’s a large, gray, fuzzy animal hiding in there. That’s way too much dust on the filter, and the fan motors and belts are working against this restriction, the low airflow could lead to icing on the evaporator, and there are just so many reasons that, on most service calls, it’s the first thing we ask: how often do you change your filter? It’s the key to your family’s comfort.

Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Clean with Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air of Cleveland, TN

Keeping your home comfortable and safe from damage is what our heating and air conditioning service cleaning is designed to do. We recommend regularly scheduled maintenance for both your air conditioning and heating equipment, with cleaning a critical part of the service. Our heating and air conditioning service team performs inspections, testing, and any needed repairs that we discover during maintenance so you can stay comfortable during the heating and cooling seasons with a system that’s in top shape. Call us at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air in Cleveland, TN to schedule your service, we’re looking forward to taking care of your home’s comfort system.

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