To DIY or Not to DIY

Dangers of DIY Trenchless Sewer Repair


How do you recognize when a job is too dangerous?

Trenchless sewer line repair is one of those and you need trained professionals who have the necessary experience to understand the health of your sewer line. Remember, the main sewer line is always underground and therefore cannot be seen. There can be developing problems without you even realizing it. These problems can make repairs costly.

What do we mean by trenchless?

Trenchless is a subsurface and serves as a growing sector for construction and engineering industry. There are unique “methods, materials and equipment used for the installation, replacement or rehabilitation of trenchless sewer lines that are needed. But because both traditional and trenchless sewer line replacement requires specific knowledge, it is recommended to get a professional.

The reason why?

Because specialized construction methods are needed for trenchless construction including directional boring, horizontal auger boring, microtunneling, moling, pipe jacking and ramming as well as others. With minimal excavation, professionals will install the cables/pipelines that you need below the ground.

Tunnels that have large diameters are constructed by a tunnel boring machine. Blasting and drilling techniques are bigger versions of below surface construction. When the subsurface construction technique is trenchless that means the under construction passage needs to be a certain size. The trenchless method means that the professional has to consider soil characteristics and what loads will be applied to the surface. If the soil is sandy, for example, the deepness of the excavation has to keep the surface load from directly affecting the bore. If this is not done, there is the danger of the surface falling through.

Using the trenchless system and installing a new sewer line involves new technology. If bursting the pipe, for instance, professionals have to use a torpedo shaped metal bursting head which is connected to a steel cable. This torpedo shaped head is pulled through the existing sewer line in order to burst the pipe.

Some city inspectors will warn that this work must be done by professionals. Some self installation methods in the past have not always passed inspection. That is why you need a professional!

Our professional plumbers provide such services as troubleshooting system functions, providing alerts for everyday forecourt operations and monitoring of forecourts and networks for breaches. Many times when a new line is installed, it uses the old line as a conduit. Our experienced installers can know what deflections (such as sagging, etc.) and soil conditions are going to work for the newly installed pipe. We will also check proximity of other utilities, utility crossings along with parallel utilities, and whether or not there is enough room for the type of installation you are wanting to do.

Instead of considering a trenchless sewer repair on your own, leave this type of work to Metro Sewer and Plumbing. Hiring a professional can help you to preserve your property and your money, call us today at (423) 855-0967 for quality services in Chattanooga.