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Types of Pipes in Your Home | Plumbing Service in Cleveland, TN

Types of Pipes in Your Home   Plumbing Service in Cleveland TN
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You have a leak in your home. Water is dripping from your pipes through the walls, staining and soaking them. The walls have started to crack and crumble and are being worn down by the dampness. Your bathroom has an inch of water resting inside. Something is leaking in your plumbing system. If it gets worse, you may have a flood in your bathroom and even the rest of your house.

Both of these scenarios are the rest of piping issues in your plumbing systems in your Cleveland, TN, houses. Pipes need emergency plumbing repairs in these scenarios. Pipes should be maintained and checked regularly throughout the year to prevent these problems as they can cause damage to your furniture, home infrastructure, and even your life.

Pipes should be checked and given maintenance repairs for any wear and tear but plumbing services in Cleveland, TN, often check to see if the pipe is the right quality or type for the particular function is providing.

If a homeowner installs the wrong kind of pipe or if pipes are ineffectively installed by plumbing services, these could lead to a lot of problems.

Homeowners then need to make informed decisions about pipe installation. Where can you get this information? Well, right here.

Here’s everything you need to know about pipes:

What Kind of Pipes are There?

There are numerous types of pipes that are fitted into home plumbing systems for specific purposes. They include:

1.  Copper Pipes

Copper pipes vary in sizes and lengths. The thickest of these types of pipes are great for underground piping systems. Thin to medium-sized pipes are usually used in indoor plumbing systems for hot and cold water supply piping.

Plumbing services have been recommending and installing copper pipes for around 60 years now in Cleveland, TN.

Plumbing services often view these types of pipe as durable, reliable and long-lasting since they do not leak very often. They have longer life spans so you will not need to change them out very often but when you do, you can always recycle old pipes.

These do not leak or mix contaminants into your water supply, so you will always get clean and unpolluted water. Copper pipes are heat tolerant so they will not expand, contract, melt or break due to heat pressure even in summers in Cleveland, TN.

2.  Galvanized Steel Pipes

Houses and apartments that were built in the 1930s and 1980s have galvanized pipes. These have largely been discontinued but if you live in a refurbished house or apartment building in Cleveland, TN, from the 1930s, you should have your galvanized steel pipes checked or replaced.

Galvanized steel pipes are problematic because they can release lead into the water and lead it to have a murky color. They have a zinc coating that can cause rusting in the pipes and therefore contaminate your water.

Galvanized pipes can also have a lot of clogging issues and may require extensive and frequent plumbing services. It is then best to have these replaced instead of calling for expensive and continuous repairs.

3.  Polyvinylchloride Pipes

The PVC piping systems are great for modern houses as they allow for high water pressure, are easy to install and fit and are relatively inexpensive pipes. Polyvinyl chloride pipes are often used for main water lines in homes and commercial buildings and they can supply water to drains and vent stacks.

However, Polyvinylchloride pipes are not ideal for hot supply lines and cannot be exposed to heat as they can malfunction and become misshapen if exposed to hot water or heat. However, if you need cold water supply lines you should have these fitted by professional plumbing services in Cleveland, TN.

4.  Chlorinated Polyvinyl Pipes

These types of pipes are an improved version of polyvinyl chloride pipes because they can withstand hot water and can be fitted into hot and cold water supply lines by professional plumbing services in Cleveland, TN.

They are more flexible and easier to install and they can make drinking water safer. They achieve the latter effect as a result of the chlorine added in the pipes, which treats the water chemically and rids it of any hazardous impurities or contaminants.

These pipes, however, cannot be recycled if they wear out from age or break down. They can also break down easily if they freeze, which is a possibility in Cleveland, TN’s cold weather.

5.  Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes

If you need heat resistant pipes that can withstand high water pressure in both hot and cold water supply lines, you should install cross-linked polyethylene pipes in your home. These are excellent options for anyone who wants a versatile, convenient and easily installed pipe.

A single PEX pipe can be fitted and installed across the entire house and are therefore extremely well-proportioned. There are some concerns about PEX pipes’ environmental effects, however, since it is believed that they can contaminate water.

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