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Types of Sinks to Install in Your Home | Plumbing Services in Cleveland, TN

Types of Sinks to Install in Your Home   Plumbing Services in Cleveland TN
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You are building your new home, getting all the wall colors and flooring set up along with choosing the lighting and plumbing fixtures. You have worked so hard to get your dream house. You want it to perfect and fully functional. You have designed your bathroom and kitchens with great care and have designed the interior décor according to your wishes. Just one thing is missing – sinks.

You have been roaming the malls, scouring the internet for plumbing tips and services but still haven’t decided on a fixture so far. This is the only time you have ever thought or have needed sinks.

Most folks do in fact consider the question of sink installation only if they are moving into a new home or if they have to replace a broken or non-functioning one even as they have settled into their home in Cleveland, TN.

In either of these scenarios, folks in Cleveland, TN, often reach out to plumbing services for sink installation. The key to making sink decisions is to know your space and to install a sink that has the desired utility and capacity for the particular area it is needed in.

You will need to know more about sinks and sink types to be able to make an informed decision. Here’s a guide to the different types of sinks you can install in your bathrooms and kitchens through plumbing services in Cleveland, TN.


Bathrooms Sinks

Bathroom sinks are needed for hygiene as well as vanity. You brush your teeth, wash your face and style your hair here.

They are used for storage and installed in accordance with the space and capacity of the bathroom. Some of them are directly mounted to the wall. Bathroom sinks should also fit in with the overall aesthetic look of the bathroom interior design.

Here are some examples of bathroom sinks:

1.  Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are excellent options for residents of Cleveland, TN. They are perfectly proportioned to most narrow and limited bathroom spaces as they take up very little space. If you are planning to install a bathroom sink in an apartment, for instance, this is the way to go.

You will need to install a medicine cabinet because the wall-mounted sink is simply fitted with its plumbing system and does not contain a storage unit. Medicine cabinets can be used to store toothbrushes, medicine or other hygiene products and can easily be installed by plumbing services.

2.  Vanity Sink

This type of sink is great for anyone who uses their bathroom to style their hair, perform skincare tasks, shave their face or do their makeup. The sink comes with a table or cabinet vanity that can be fitted into bathrooms that have more square footage in Cleveland, TN.

If you want a nice sink for your master bedroom’s bathroom, plumbing services install this at reasonable rates in Cleveland, TN.

3.  Vessel Sink

The vessel sink is a very common feature in modern interior design in bathrooms. It is a sink in the shape of a vessel or basin and can be installed using glass, marble, stone, crystals and even mosaics.

These are aesthetically pleasing and can be used as decorative yet functional features within a master bathroom, which has become a major trend in Cleveland, TN.

4.  Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is an excellent form of bathroom sinks as it is floor-mounted and can be used if you do not need much storage. Pedestal sinks have their hardware disguised by a leg or pedestal extending forth from the sink made of the same sink material.

The sink itself does not have storage options so it is not ideal for bathrooms that see regular activity and need a lot of storage. You can, however, consult with plumbing services and install appropriate storage spaces alongside the pedestal sinks.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks serve different functions than bathroom sinks. They are not used for vanity or hygiene purposes but for cleaning dishes, utensils and extracting water for cleaning and cooking purposes. They need to have a lot of space and surfaces that allow easy cleaning.

Here are some of the common types of kitchen sinks:

1.  Undermount Sinks

These types of sinks are installed under the counter, are versatile and plumbing services can install them in any kitchen layout you have in mind. Debris is collected in the sink and allow for easier cleaning methods.

2.  Stainless Steel Sinks

These are popular sinks since they are light and allow for easier installation. If their gauges are thick, the sinks will be heavy. However, these are often cheap and reasonable options for installations in most homes.

Fair warning, however, since stainless steel sinks cause a lot of noise!

3.  Kitchen Sinks with Drainboards

These are excellent options if you want to use your dishwasher less. They require less water wastage and have built-in drainboards in stainless steel sinks that leads to a separate food preparation station for your counter.

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