Updating Your Bathroom is a Cinch!

Easy Tips to Update Your Bathroom

You cringe every time you walk into that bathroom. The sink’s faucet sputters. The polka-dotted wall paper the previous owners slathered on the wall is peeling and doesn’t match the tile.

It’s not like you can avoid going in there, but the most essential room in the house doesn’t have to look atrocious. You don’t have to keep putting up with a leaky faucet or low pressure shower system.

Here are a few tips for how to improve the look and operation of your bathroom, and finally enjoy it.

Think Skeleton

The “skeleton” of your bathroom, or pipes behind the walls, could be the source of the discolored or bubbled flooring, walls or ceilings. Hire a plumber to check out the pipes in your bathroom to make sure all are in working order. You will want to do this first before starting any remodeling project, because leaking, rusty or damaged pipes could ruin any of the new materials you lay down.

Sinks and Faucets

Sometimes all your faucet needs is a good scrub. A plumber can take your faucet apart, clean it well, check the pipes and fix any leakages. If the faucet requires replacement, the plumber can install your shiny, new one.


A new, high-water pressure showerhead may be what you need to make you want to sing through your next shower. There are dozens of types of shower systems, ranging from handheld showerheads to those that make you feel like you are bathing by waterfall. There are also water efficient showerheads which will conserve water to help the environment and decrease your water bill. A plumber can assist with installing a new shower system.


Energy-efficient toilets are also available. Again, you don’t have to take on the task of installing a toilet. Hiring a professional will save you the headache. You will just get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Easy Updates

Roll on a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color to compliment the existing or new tiles. Replace artwork with a new, modern piece containing large swaths of your favorite color. Next buy curtains, rugs and high quality, soft towels and hand towels to match and pull out that same hue.

Enjoy your updated bathroom, and never shutter again next time you walk in.

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