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Water Heater Failure: Signs and Reasons | Water Heater Repair in Cleveland, TN

Water Heater Failure Signs and Reasons   Water Heater Repair in Cleveland TN
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Water heaters are one of the most useful appliances that all modern houses are expected to have and no one wants to be without. As the name itself explains, water heaters heat up water and typically run on natural gas.

They are a necessity for colder weather and save us from the hassle of boiling water on stovetops and taking it to the bathroom. Who does not like a good long soak in warm water after the day’s work? You have the water heater to thank for that.

A water heater is a sturdy piece of machinery since it has to sustain high temperatures of the water and the fire. Surely, it undergoes a lot of wear and tear and needs maintenance and water heater repair in Cleveland, TN from time to time.

What are the signs you should look for before calling in for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN and why exactly do water heaters fail? Let us examine that.

Signs of Failure

1.   Lack of Hot Water

The most obvious sign. If you notice that there is no hot water or that the intensity of the heat has decreased then it might signal there is something wrong with your water heater. If the water takes longer to come or is lukewarm at even the highest temperature setting then this means there is a problem and you need water heater repair in Cleveland, TN.

This usually happens due to sediment and material building up in the tank of the water heater. That might sound innocent enough but if left untreated, the buildup may reach such a point that it fails your water heater entirely and you have to go for a costly replacement of parts or entirely.

2.   Unusual Noises

If your heater is making loud noises and has pops or rumbles then this might call for immediate water heater repair in Cleveland, TN. It may be an innocuous reason like sediment buildup trapping air which causes the noise.

Or it could be a more dangerous one like a leak or crack in the heater which needs to be looked into ASAP otherwise it might cause a dangerous explosion too.

3.   Leaking Tank

Water pooling and leaking near the base of the tank and underneath it on the ground are telltale signs of structural damage to the tank. This could be from a crack or corrosion and rusting.

By this point, the damage is probably too far gone and the heater will need replacement. Water heater repair in Cleveland, TN at this point will not help. Replacement should be done as soon as possible since a burst in the tank may lead to flooding or cause water damage.

4.   Metallic Taste

A metallic sharp taste to the water and becoming cloudy or brown are signs of heavy sediment buildup inside the tank. This sediment when it reaches a certain buildup begins to come into the water supply and thus affects the color and taste.

It is generally not good for skin or health so water heater repair in Cleveland, TN should be conducted as soon as possible and the tank flushed and cleaned of sediment.

Reasons for Failure

Now that we have seen the signs for water heater failure, what actually are the reasons?

What causes such malfunctioning which necessitates water heater repair in Cleveland, TN?

1.   Sediment and Material

As we have already seen in many of the signs. The buildup of sediment and material is one of the main reasons which causes failure in water heaters. This is because tracking sediment is not something which occurs to most people to check nor can it easily be checked.

Therefore it builds up to the extent where the damage already becomes tangible. This can be mitigated by scheduling regular water heater repair in Cleveland, TN which will flush and clean the tank of any sediment.

2.   Faulty Pressure Relieve Valve

A problem in the pressure relief valve can also seriously damage a water heater and affect its proper functioning.

What the valve does is release the pressure of the steam formed when the water reaches hot boiling points and allows it to dissipate. If the valve is faulty then it will weaken the structural integrity of the heater and cause expansion which might cause cracks and leaks in the tank or at the very worst, it could trigger an explosion too. Such explosions are very dangerous and can damage both life and property massively. A service for water heater repair in Cleveland, TN can expertly diagnose the fault with the valve and readjust and fix it.

3.   Rusting

A water heater is essentially water being heated in a metal container. That is not a recipe which is meant to stretch out a decade or two and the natural forces of rust and corrosion will eventually play a part.

The metal of the tanker will get eroded over time and even if you get it sanded down and polished, it will continue to lose integrity and it will become dangerous to operate it in its current form.

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