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What Is Septic Tank Pumping and How Does It Work? | Chattanooga, TN

What Is Septic Tank Pumping and How Does It Work   Chattanooga TN
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Septic tanks are wastewater treatment systems that are placed underground somewhere on your property. Septic tanks are used when a property plumbing system isn’t connected to public sewage systems. Septic tank pumping is one of the necessary maintenance activities needed to keep it functional.

These underground tanks are commonly found in more rural areas which usually don’t have access to a central sewer system of any kind. As a property owner, there are signs you can look out for and things you can do to ensure your septic tank is performing properly. One sure way to ensure your sewage system is functioning properly it’s important to acquire septic tank pumping services regularly. Metro Plumbing Heating & Air offer septic tank pumping services and much more. If you live in or near the Chattanooga area contact Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air for septic tank maintenance and repair.

Septic tanks technology uses a water waste treatment system to function. There are many kinds of septic tanks, all of which require a licensed professional to perform maintenance on. Most septic tanks consist of a drain field or something is known as a soil absorption field. A drain field is used to remove impurities from the wastewater that emerges after being processed in the septic tank. The organic matter in the water is then consumed by the earth’s ecosystem. To prevent this delicate machinery from malfunctions, hire a professional to perform routine septic tank pumping.

Different Kinds of Septic Tanks

There are many types of septic tanks. Septic tanks vary greatly and in size and variety. There are a number of factors that play a role in the type and size of your septic tanks. Factors such as lot size, soil type, consistent weather conditions, local law, and other conditions play major roles in the kind of septic tank your property will have.

Some common septic tank types include the conventional system, drip distribution system, chamber system, and aerobic system. All of which require septic tank pumping services.

The conventional system is typically used on lots with small homes or small businesses in them. It describes a decentralized water waste treatment system. Its drain field design is typically large and may not be suitable for all kinds of properties.

Chamber systems have stone-less drain fields. The drain fields instead consist of an open-bottom chamber, a synthetic material, or a fabric-wrapped pipe. This kind of system also usually connects through a series of chambers, hence the name. The chambers actually contain soil. When the wastewater comes in contact with soil the microbes in the dirt treat the water. This is a great example of how nature works with septic tanks to provide a functional and sustainable sewage process.


A drip distribution system uses a dispersal system that uses different kinds of drain fields to function. This system comes with advantages and disadvantages such as no need for large mounds of soil and the need for electricity for this septic tank system to function.

Aerobic treatment units, also known as ATUs use oxygen injections as part of the treatment process the oxygen increases the number of microbes present within the tank, therefore filtering the water better. This septic tank system has many perks such as, it can be used on small lots and in areas with poor soil quality.

Every one of these septic tank systems require regularly scheduled maintenance for as long as they are in use. A licensed plumbing technician from Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air in Chattanooga, TN can handle all of your septic tank pumping and maintenance needs. Neglected septic tanks can break down greatly and become costly, unsanitary problems that must be dealt with immediately.

Signs That Your Septic Tank Is in Dire Need of Maintenance

Knowing when your septic tank has failed will be obvious. The signs often occur drastically and sometimes seemingly out of nowhere. This is why regular septic tank pumping and maintenance is important for the health and proper functionality of your home sewage systems. One of the main signs is sewage back up, either outside on the property or from the toilets and other plumbing appliances in the home.

Subtle septic tank failure signs include slow tub or sink drainage, gurgling sounds in pipe systems, bad odors stemming from pipe system or drainage feels, as well as algal blooms near small bodies of water in the area. These signs can be easy to miss either because they aren’t always persistent, they seem normal, or you weren’t sure what to look for. These signs should not be ignored, however.

When septic failure aligns are ignored, more severe consequences can occur. One of the worse consequences is the subsequent back up that occurs once a septic tank has completely gone out of commission. The sewage can emerge and begin to pool around the surface grown of the septic tank as well as into your home. If this event occurs, you’d have a pool of organic human excrements floating around your property. This can be avoided by having a professional plumbing service such as Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air perform septic tank pumping services for you.

This kind of septic tank failure can be very dangerous for you and the health of those around you. This kind of failure can contaminate nearby water sources as well as human and animal life that come in contact with it. It is hazardous. The pathogens and dangerous microbes that have developed from an extensive amount of time stewing underneath the ground can make animals and people very sick. The failure can contaminate drinking and swimming water as well as agricultural properties as well as any harvesting at that time. This can result in a huge loss of money through the loss of production, and possible lawsuits for neglect.

To ensure you prevent such atrocities from occurring experts suggest you schedule routine maintenance for your septic tank. It is suggested you schedule septic tank pumping services and inspection every 2- 5 years, depending on the kind of system you have. Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air in Chattanooga, TN, to determine what maintenance plan will work best for you and to receive septic tank pumping services for your septic tank.

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