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What You Need to Know About PEX Piping | Plumbers in Cleveland, TN

What You Need to Know About PEX Piping Plumbers in Cleveland TN

Do you know that the pipe materials that are used today were first used by the Egyptians to construct their pipe systems in 2500 B.C?

This is a fascinating fact to know but it also gives rise to two major questions.

Firstly, have we witnessed any advancement in the plumbing pipes industry during the time period? Secondly, are these pipe materials, also used by Egyptians decades back, so reliable that we are still using them in our plumbing systems today?

Well, in response to the first question, the pipe material used by the old civilizations was the fundamental material known as copper. Thus, the plumbing industry has enjoyed great advancement till now. In addition to that, there are many types of pipes materials available nowadays to build a plumbing system as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN state.

To answer the second question, the pipe materials used now, including copper, are very durable and elastic. Due to the diversity oftypes available today, the selection of the pipe material highly depends upon the purpose and the usage of it at various locations and for different construction projects.

Speaking of which, these highly developed plumbing pipe materials also include stainless steel pipes, brass pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cast iron pipes and yet the most advanced, PEX piping.

In this post, we will discuss the PEX piping in detail to help you know the fundamentals of one of the most advanced pipe materialavailable today.

The PEX plastic piping is a very reliable material as the professionals of a plumbing company in Cleveland, TN suggests. This is particularly true for the residential use. PEX piping is great for small applications due to its suppleness and resilience. From the fast fitting procedure to its minimum maintenance, plumbers choose this pipe material especially for the water distribution system installed in a building.

Hence, to provide you an in-depth knowledge of PEX piping and to answer the basic questions, let us discuss this in detail.

PEX Piping vs. Copper

While copper is the most fundamental pipes material used for plumbing purpose in Cleveland, TN, PEX piping offers numerous advantages over it. For instance, PEX is comparatively cheaper than copper. If you are working on medium to large projects than PEX can save you lot money as the plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggests. Similarly, PEX is simple and faster to install in contrast to Copper. PEX does not corrode like the ordinary copper pipes.

PEX Piping vs. CPVC

Considering the cost, PEX and CPVC are more or less same. But for a number of reasons, PEX is the foremost choice of plumbers in Cleveland, TN. For example, the PEX piping needs no glue. This means that the plumbers in Cleveland, TN do not essentially need to work in a well-ventilated area. PEX is least likely to rupture on freezing and unlike CPVC. Since PEX is accessible in long lengths, it works great for remodeling situations.

The Tools Required for PEX Installation

The installation of PEX piping requires no special tools. In fact, a compression fitting is best to make the necessary connection. However, you might need to spend a little bit more in terms of fittings since they are costly to be used for bigger projects. There isa range of PEX connection options available in the market, the most reasonably priced and recommended by the plumbers in Cleveland, TN is either crimp rings or cinch clamps.

Manifolds and PEX

Typically, you don’t need to employ manifolds with PEX. PEX can simply be installed like other pipes. Within a home, we frequently install a manifold in spaces like the utility room that is closer to the main water line or even water heater. For PEX we run separate piping for each fixture. It is fast and needsonly two basic connections i.e. one at the fixture end and the other at the manifold.

Blue for Cold and Red for Hot

There are several types of material such as copper that come in a single color. But PEX piping keeps the cold and hot lines separate with its color distinction. The plumbers in Cleveland, TN find it quite convenient that PEX piping comes in unique colors such as red for the hot water and blue for the cold water. Thus, you can use the white for anything you prefer.


In many countries, PEX piping is considered as the new advancement. PEX is used in several countries for almost decades. In fact, there are thousands of houses that are equipped with complete PEX piping that is not only leak free but also more than 25 years old. Additionally, the PEX piping is very reliable. When it comes to PEX pipingmost of the troubles are either due to the careless installation or the defective fittings.

PEX Tubing Grades

The PEX tubing can be availed in three grades PEX-A, PEX-B, and PEX-C. All three grades are different. PEX-A is slightly more flexible than PEX-B and PEX-C. The plumbers in Cleveland, TN suggest that any PEX grade can be used inside houses and for water lines. PEX is also well-known for its in-floor heating system.

Temperature Effects on PEX Tubing

Since PEX is highly flexible, thus, it regularly expands and contracts just like any other material. It is recommended not to stretch it too tightly. Furthermore, you can also install a loop to facilitate the contraction. This works greatif you messup and require extra tubing that you can take from the loop.

In the bottom line

As we have already discussed different pipes materials, it is also imperative to emphasize the significance of selecting the right service provider. To get the most reputed plumbing service in Cleveland, TN, head over to Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air right away.

Their team of professionals is well versed in handling complex plumbing issues. They hold years of experience in their field. You can easily contact them by dialing their 24/7 customer helpline number.

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