When Do You Need Professional Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Services? | Chattanooga, TN

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Life in the South can be really sweet. Especially if you have a cozy refuge from the temperature extremes of the area.

Local residents know how important it is to have reliable heating and air conditioning. While the extreme Southern heat of summer is legendary, not everyone in the country realizes how bitterly cold the winter can be.

It can be dangerous to your health, at certain times of the year, to be without heating or air conditioning. Especially if your household includes young children, elderly adults, or members suffering from heart or respiratory issues.

Having a qualified heating and air conditioning repair service in your corner can keep your HVAC system running its best. This not only means you can stay comfortable no matter what the weather outside is like, but you can also improve your indoor air quality.

Dirty and Clogged Air Filters

It seems like such a little thing. All you have to do is change out the filter from time to time. But the truth is, not changing your air filter often enough can cripple your HVAC system.

This affects both your heater and air conditioner performance and lifespan. And it is one of the biggest reasons homeowners need heating and air conditioning repair services.

The top culprit getting in the way of your home’s comfort is a dirty or clogged air filter. Not changing your air filter often enough can quickly turn a minor maintenance issue into a major repair.

Running your heater or air conditioner with a blocked air filter can cause a lot of problems. When air cannot pass through the clogged filter, your HVAC unit cannot provide the airflow necessary for the system to do its job.

It also puts additional stress on the unit as it tries to modulate the temperature. This makes the machinery work way too hard and can lead to a complete mechanical failure.

How often should you change your air filter? It depends on what unit you have. You should have all the information in the manufacturer’s instructions. With some units, monthly changes are advised. Other units have a longer period of time, like changes every three months.

Some HVAC units have reusable air filters. With these, you just clean them as the manufacturer says and keep using them repeatedly.

If you think your system has been compromised because of dirty filters, your heating and air conditioning repair specialist can help. Besides clearing away the dirt and debris from your unit, they can help you keep it in great shape, so it runs like new.

Defective or Broken Thermostat

The thermostat in your heater and air conditioner is responsible for controlling the temperature of the room. When you set the mode and temperature you want, the thermostat turns the unit on and off, as needed.

Without a properly functioning thermostat, your heater or air conditioner cannot work. It is needed to send the necessary commands to make the room cooler or warmer.

Your thermostat should be clean inside and be mounted level. It should also be placed in an area that doesn’t get direct sunlight, as this can affect the way it reads the temperature of the room.

When you have your heating and air conditioning repair technician install your HVAC system, they will make sure your thermostat is properly installed for the best results.

Pilot Light and Ignition Control Issues

The pilot light is what lets a gas furnace provide heat. Other energy sources use an ignition control to perform the same job. Whichever your heater uses, it is a very necessary part. If it doesn’t work, neither does your heat.

When you aren’t getting any heat from your heater, have your heating and air conditioning repair professional check to see that these parts are in good working order. Then you can get back to enjoying the warmth of home.

Improper Maintenance

Your life is busy. There never seems to be a good time to think about maintenance issues. Especially when your heating and air conditioning system seems to be working fine.

The problem is that most issues that affect your HVAC system don’t happen all at once. They build up over time, like the debris on the air filter. And if they are ignored long enough, they can lead to performance problems or even complete system failure.

One of the great things about having a heating and air conditioning repair service that you can depend on is that you can turn your maintenance worries over to them. A professional can schedule the necessary maintenance services for your HVAC unit, along with routine inspections to keep everything running properly.

Having your heating and air conditioning system scheduled for regular maintenance will take a load off your mind. And it will keep your unit cleaner, meaning the air in your house is cleaner.

When all the parts of your HVAC system are working properly, it reduces the strain on the machinery. Routine maintenance is vital for the life of your heater and air conditioner, and can save you a lot of money on heating and air conditioning repair bills.

Normal Wear and Aging

Even if you follow all the rules, your heater and air conditioner are still going to wear out. As parts get older, they are more likely to break down during operation. A particularly frigid winter will put more pressure on your heater to keep the house warm, just as a sweltering summer can tax your air conditioner.

That’s why every Chattanooga, TN resident should have a trusted heating and air conditioning repair specialist that can take care of any problem. When you have a problem, you need to know that someone is available at any time, day, night, or weekend.

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