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When Should I Call an Emergency Plumbing Repair Company? | Chattanooga, TN

When Should I Call an Emergency Plumbing Repair Company   Chattanooga TN
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Many homeowners in Chattanooga, TN worry about discovering a problem with their plumbing. Plumbing problems in your home can be difficult to diagnose and inspect. They can also rack up a hefty bill if you attempt to repair problems incorrectly yourself. Some plumbing problems require emergency plumbing repair, but how do you tell the difference between an urgent issue and one that can wait a while?

If you experience any of these issues, you should book an emergency plumber right away:

  • There are flooded areas in or around your home
  • The walls or ceilings in your property are wet
  • A leak smells like sewage or you smell sewage when you turn on the faucets
  • Your pipes have frozen and you notice splits or breaks
  • There is water flowing from a drain or burst pipe
  • Your toilet is overflowing and you can’t unclog it using a plunger

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

As soon as you notice an urgent plumbing issue in your home, call for an emergency plumbing repair immediately. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself as you could make it worse, causing further damage and a higher repair bill. While you wait for the plumber to arrive, there are some simple steps you can take to manage the emergency:

1.  Shut Off the Water Valve

The first thing you should do when you notice a water leak or other plumbing problem in your home is to shut off the water supply. If you’re confident that the leak is minor and isolated to one room, you could shut off the supply to that area only. However, if in doubt, it’s best to switch off the supply to your whole property using the main valve.

2.  Turn Off the Water Heater

Once you’ve shut off the main water valve, you should switch off your water heater to stop it from becoming damaged. Turn off the gas supply first if you have a gas water heater.

3.  Plug Leaks

To prevent water damage to your home while you wait for an emergency plumber, you can plug leaks using rags, cloths or towels. You may need to place buckets under larger leaks to collect the water. It’s important to make your plumber aware of the locations of the leaks when they arrive to carry out repairs.

4.  Open Up Spigots

You can avoid further water damage to your home by draining the water in the pipes. Make sure the spigots outside your property are opened to allow water to flow away from your home.

5.  Follow Emergency Advice

When you call for an emergency plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN, you may be given advice over the phone to help control the emergency until help arrives and prevent further damage to your home. In some situations, you may be advised to evacuate your property if the plumbing problem is serious.

When Is it Safe to Wait to Book Plumbing Services?

Out-of-hours emergency plumbing repair services are usually charged at premium rates. For this reason, it’s important for homeowners in Chattanooga, TN to understand when a plumbing problem is safe to leave until the morning. You can book non-urgent plumbing services if:

  • Your drains are blocked or running slowly
  • You require servicing or maintenance of your plumbing
  • Your toilet is running constantly but not overflowing

How Can I Avoid a Plumbing Emergency?

To avoid damage to your home and paying high rates for emergency plumbing repair, there are some simple measures you can take to keep your plumbing in good working order.

Try to deal with plumbing problems early. If you notice a damp smell, moisture and paint damage on the walls or an unexplained increase in your water bill, this can indicate a leak. By having small leaks repaired as soon as you notice them, you can prevent them from developing into a major leak that requires emergency plumbing services.

Follow the maintenance advice for your plumbing equipment and replace them when they stop working efficiently. Having your boiler regularly serviced can help diagnose problems before they cause a major incident requiring an emergency plumbing repair.

Don’t dispose of garbage down the sink or toilet. This can lead to clogs in the system which can cause flooding or other problems.

How to Prevent Emergencies Caused by Frozen Pipes

It’s common for frozen pipes to break and cause a plumbing emergency. If your pipes are frozen but haven’t split, you can use a hairdryer to thaw them and avoid an emergency plumbing repair. Be sure to use a low heat setting, and apply the heat evenly to the entire pipe instead of focusing on one small area. Never attempt to thaw a frozen pipe with a flame.

You can prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter by insulating them and keeping your home warm.

Should I Use a Plumbing Protection System?

Many homeowners in Chattanooga, TN choose to install plumbing protection systems in their homes to prevent emergencies. These help to prevent items that are likely to clog your system from entering your pipes and causing an urgent problem. Although these cost money to install, they may save you money on emergency plumber in the long-run and help guard against serious water damage to your home.

How Do I Choose an Emergency Plumber?

If you require an emergency plumbing repair it’s important to choose a plumber that you trust instead of the first one you find available. A poor repair job can lead to more damage and expense. Metro plumbing can perform all aspects of emergency plumbing repair including leak detection and repairs and can help you to maintain your plumbing system to prevent emergencies in the first place.

The Bottom Line

By dealing with a plumbing emergency quickly, you can prevent damage to your home. Always call a professional instead of attempting repairs yourself and follow their advice to keep your system in good condition.

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