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When Should I Reach Out to a Heating and AC Repair Specialist? | Chattanooga, TN

When Should I Reach Out to a Heating and AC Repair Specialist   Chattanooga TN
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Have you taken a little too much time between regular maintenance appointments and now you aren’t sure if you need a simple cleaning or you’re actually in need of heating and ac repair services? Here are three ways to tell if your heater and ac unit might be in need of more than just a tune-up.

1.  Your Heater Isn’t Getting Hot or Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

Obviously, if the appliance isn’t doing it’s job at all, there’s likely a big issue at hand. There are many problems that can be solved by routine maintenance that would prevent your furnace or ac from blowing the right temperature air.

A heating and AC repair specialist would be able to quickly determine the exact issue present with your appliance and safely correct the problem while following proper procedure— working with electric wiring takes specialized education and experience to perform without risk of harming yourself and the health of your home. It’s very important to protect yourself from electric discharge, especially in an air conditioner or other appliance that tends to have water near it. Electric shock can cause severe health risks, and quickly destroy a machine completely.

Aside from electrical malfunction, there could be a myriad of reasons why you need help getting your HVAC system to blow the right temperature air. Call a heating and AC repair tech for a consultation to determine what the issue is. Specialists have the knowledge to find the problem and return the unit to normal and can often provide discount pricing on the parts needed to do it.

2.  There Is a Funny Smell When You Turn on Your Appliance

There are several issues that could be causing an odor to come from your heater when you turn it on. If the smell that emits is reminiscent of smoke, make sure to immediately turn the unit off, because it could be a fire hazard. Electrical wire shorts can occur, especially after years of use, that melt the protective coating of the wires and allow wires to touch, causing sparks and putting your home at risk. If there is a burning smell, it also might be caused by a buildup of debris on heating elements, or something could have gotten into the unit and is against the heating coil, causing it to begin to burn as it heats up. Electrical issues can be present in both heaters and ac units, and it’s definitely a cause for concern when your appliance has a burning smell, so make sure to reach out to the expert heating and AC repair specialists in Chattanooga, TN, who can figure out the problem and quickly return your appliances to proper working order.

If it’s your air conditioning unit that stinks, it could be the causes outlined above, or it could be a buildup of stagnant water. AC units are notorious for collecting water, especially in areas where there is already a high level of humidity. In Chattanooga, TN, there is slightly more rainfall on average than in other parts of the country. It is also very warm and has 230 sunny days in an average year. This makes for a gorgeous place to live, but it can be a struggle to keep water out of homes and businesses in the area. If your ac unit begins to emit a musty smell, it’s a sure sign that water has begun to get a little out of hand and you need to reach out to a heating and AC repair tech who can safely get into the ac unit and clean it as well as find and repair any leaks that may be contributing to the problem. Preventative maintenance is key if you want to make sure you keep stagnant water out of your air systems and ensure the cold air being blown around your property is free of mold and other contaminants.

3.  There’s a Weird Noise Coming from Your Furnace or AC Unit

It’s normal for your heating and AC system to make noise while running. You’ll hear the quiet hum of the motor, and a rush of air when the fan kicks on to start heating or cooling your space. But if those noises turn into something loud and annoying, it could be a sign that you need to have a heating and AC repair specialist take a look and make sure your appliances get the maintenance they need.

A loud humming noise can indicate a fan being overworked due to a buildup of dust, or loose wiring causing it to run sluggishly, as well as circuit breaker overload causing a loss of power. Inconsistent sounds like clattering could be a sign of loose parts, which can become lodged in the motor of the unit and cause extensive damages to your HVAC systems. It is normal if your ac or heater unit makes a high pitched or squealing sound when starting up, as parts begin to move, but if the sound doesn’t quickly go away, there could be a problem.

Whatever the sound is coming from your HVAC system, call trained heating and AC repair technicians to take a listen to the appliance run. They will help you solve the problem before more damage occurs. Whatever issue you are facing that has you looking for heating and AC repair services, you can trust the well-trained repair technicians at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air. Call the specialists for quick and efficient service at a great price— they are even available after hours for emergency services for your home and business.

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