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Why AC Repair Services Are Important For Your Well Being | Chattanooga, TN

Why AC Repair Services Are Important For Your Well Being   Chattanooga TN
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AC repair services are important. If you could imagine a world without regulated temperature understand why our air conditioning units should never be taken for granted. Hire a repair service in Chattanooga, TN, such as Metro Plumbing.

A Brief History of the AC

The history of air conditioning use throughout the world is an extensive one. Since the dawn of time humans and animals alike have been trying to find ways to cool and heat their bodies and protect it from outside elements. Humankind easily beat the freezing cold by learning how to make fire and creating clothes that would protect them from the frigid temperatures.. Staying away from the heat proved to be a much harder task. Many civilizations constructed buildings and tunnels that would move breezes through it creating better living conditions.

Air conditioning technology can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians actually knew how evaporation can affect the environment and cool down a room. They would wet cloths and allow the breezes to blow through it. This could create a much more quality cooling effect than just allowing a warm breeze to pass through the home. This primitive form of air conditioning methods is still used today. Our modern air conditions still use evaporation to cool a room, the only difference is water is not the liquid used to cool a room, instead our modern Air conditioners use a volatile liquid such as hydro-fluorocarbon. Before most AC’s used this the coolant used was chlorodifluoromethane which has since been banned due to efforts to save the environment. Contact Metro in Chattanooga, TN for AC repair, if your system needs an update and you want to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly air conditioning system.

Before these more environmentally friendly coolants were discovered, air-conditioned units used ammonia as the volatile liquid needed to work in an air conditioning machine. Once this was found to be toxic to the environment and to the people breathing air, the coolant was quickly switched for another inconstant liquid. This went on for years and continues to change as the air conditioner evolves and becomes more effective. AC repair services weren’t quite as common at this time due to the air conditioning unit being such a new commodity.

When Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902 it was mainly meant to cool paper after it was printed. This was a revolutionary invention at the time that allowed the paper to cooled after it was freshly printed and have the ink dry faster for crisper and more professional-looking documents. Willis Carrier improved on the design in 1911 when he created the Rational Psychrometric Formulae. This formula is fundamental to the air conditioning technology we utilize today. This formula allows you to regulate room temperatures by reading the humidity and degree of an environment and correlating that information back to the AC unit in order to better regulate the temperature for a more comfortable environment. If you notice any issues with your thermostat you should contact Metro AC repair technicians to come in and alleviate the issue.

Benefits of AC Repair and Prevention Services

Having an AC is important for overall comfort and lifestyle. Did you know that Air conditioning units can help you lead a healthier life though? Air conditioners help control the humidity in a home or room and also help rid the home of debris such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and more. This is all of course dependent on how well you maintain your air conditioning system. If you want to ensure your home is air is clean and dehumidified simply contact Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air for AC repair service.

You will have less asthma and allergy attacks according to a report one by Mayo Clinic. To reduce the occurrence of these ailments you should have your local and trusted AC repair service provider come in and ensure your vents, air ducts, and air conditioning system as a whole is clean and functioning efficiently.

Less Sweat = Better Exercise

If you like working out at home, or you are practicing social distancing, working out at home is a must for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. Sweating is a common factor in those who work out but can be dangerous when coupled with a hot environment. Working out in an unconditioned air environment can be dangerous use to the loss of water and the possibility of dehydration. Having a cool space to perform all of your daily activities can help out stay hydrated and healthy. If your air conditioning system isn’t working as it should be or not at all, it is time to call your local AC repair service.

Fewer Bugs and Rodents

When the sun comes out so do the mosquitos, fruit flies, and mice. Your home can become overrun with them as well. Many people opt for an insect and rodent terminator to debug the home. This process is helpful in the process of eliminating these parasites but is not the only solution to your problem. Insects and rodents love warm, humid environments due to their body make up. These creatures cannot survive in colder climates and will leave your home alone in order to survive, having a warm humid environment is the equivalent of hanging a welcome home sight for all the varmints to see. If your air conditioning unit isn’t removing the humidity and heat from your home, you may have a serious issue in your home.

Some of those issues may stem from having an old and outdated ac system. If this is the case you may have to replace the entire system. Other issues stem from having too small a system for the size house you have. If your house is too large you may need to have 2 systems or a larger one installed by a professional AC repair service provider. Many other issues and malfunctions can be causing your system to not work properly. Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air if you have any AC issues. You should also consult with them to schedule an annual preventive maintenance plan to help prevent malfunctions and to help keep your air clean.

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