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Why Call Pros for Plumbing Emergencies in Cleveland, TN?

What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency and Why Should You Seek Professional Help in Dalton GA

Plumbing is somewhat of a consistent concern every which where. There are quite a few residential and commercial property owners who have to suddenly opt for emergency plumbing repair in Cleveland, TN.

However, at the same time, there’s a vast majority of those who are often unsure about when to attempt to repair a plumbing problem themselves and when to seek professional help. That is majorly because not all of us are able to distinguish between what constitutes a casual, easy to fix plumbing concern and a full blown plumbing emergency.

The purpose of this little write-up is two-fold. One is to make you aware of what does and doesn’t qualify as a plumbing emergency so that you’re able to immediately recognize the plumbing problem and opt for effective repair options. And second is to clarify why professional, certified plumbing experts trump amateur DIY project doers any day.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Listed below are some of the major plumbing concerns which require immediate action from a certified professional plumber who possesses the correct knowledge and training to tackle the job correctly and efficiently.

Sewer Line Back Flow

Calling a sewer line back flow a plumbing nightmare would be putting it kindly. Not only are sewer concerns completely unhygienic, messy and just plain unsightly, they are also very expensive. A sewer line blockage and back flow can put a significant dent in any home or commercial property owner’s pocket. What’s more a sewer backup is mighty inconvenient to deal with on an everyday basis.

In case you witness any of the signs of sewer back flow, which include but are not limited to:

  • Water pooling at various locations around the house
  • Bad odors emanating from any or all the drains
  • Multiple drain blockages or clogged drains
  • Unusually loud sounds coming from the toilets when used and flushed

It is advisable that you call on the help of a professional plumber at first opportunity to rightly diagnose the issue and deal with it in a timely manner.

Water Line Breaks

Water lines run under the front of the back yard of most properties in Cleveland, TN, which is why they are most prone to breaks and cracks. A few broken tree branches, unruly tree roots erupting through to the surface of very old trees, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, all have the potential to significantly damage  water lines causing leaks through the cracks.

That’s not all though, ill-aimed shovels in the yard for whatever purposes can also hit the water lines causing a break leading to issues such as considerably affected, low water pressure in the faucets and showers, water that is either smelly, murky or both, and soggy patches in the yard.

Clogged Sinks/Drains/Bathtubs/Toilets

Anything within the plumbing system which when associated with the word clogged constitutes a plumbing emergency. Regardless of whether it’s a clogged sink, drain, bathtub, and toilet, if you have a clogged issue in your home’s plumbing system you should directly call a professional plumber.

That’s not because you can’t buy the fancy drain cleaner that keeps appearing in television adverts at your local grocery store and pour it down to ‘clean the pipes’. You absolutely can, but the reason why clogging constitutes an emergency is because you can’t know what’s causing the blockage and how bad it is.

It could be that you have a toy or piece of equipment that’s fallen into the drain blocking the pipe, and you pour in a highly concentrated, acid drain cleaner to get rid of the problem yourself. Instead of a cleared drain pipe, it’s quite possible that you end up with a melted drain pipe and a god-awful mess.

Leaky Appliances and Hardware

Leaking toilets or faucets, along with appliances, such as washing machines or water heaters, all may seem easy enough to fix, but in reality they are not. The slightest bit of correct tinkering can fix the problem, but incorrect handling can create bigger issues. That is especially true for major home appliances which are quite expensive to buy and replace.

Burst or Broken Pipes

The turn of the weather can sometimes cause the home’s water or sewer pipes to burst or break open. Unless the problem is quickly checked and curtailed, it could potentially lead to a complete replacement and reinstallation of the sewer/water pipelines which is a massive, not to mention an extremely expensive undertaking.

Why Opt For Help From a Professional Plumber?

Now that you know what constitutes a plumbing emergency, let’s talk a little about why is it that we’re insistent you opt for true professional help instead of attempting to fix things on your own.

A professional plumber will possess the proper knowledge to correctly diagnose what the issue is when faced with a situation. What’s more, a certified and licensed plumber is also properly trained to appropriately handle a plumbing emergency situation, regardless of how complex it might be. A novice without the correct education is likely to botch things up – leading to a substantial loss of time, effort and money on all parts.

What’s more, professional plumbers have the correct technological assistance and top-of-the-line equipment which is necessary to identify and deal with multiple plumbing problems which may arise during a plumbing emergency. A true licensed plumber has the capacity to offer a permanent resolution to all your plumbing problems once and for all – or at least for an extended period of time

If you find yourself struggling with plumbing issues, or are faced with what we will classify as a plumbing emergency, please call the expert plumbers at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air for efficient, quick and reliable plumbing services. A family owned and operated business, Metro Plumbing has a team of expert professional plumbers who are well-versed in dealing with any and all types of plumbing emergencies.

Call 423-616-1025 to speak to a customer care representative, or visit www.metropha.com today to set up an appointment for a thorough consult and check-up for all your plumbing concerns.

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