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“Why is My Toilet Flushing so Slow!?”

3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

When you need to flush the toilet several times to get rid of all the waste, you need to carefully consider the cause of the slow-flushing toilet.

Regardless what the underlying cause of the trouble is, it will be costing you in water consumption today and then in a potential plumbing emergency down the road. Being able to identify 3 potential causes of a slow-flushing toilet will ensure the issue is addressed in a timely manner.

1. You Have an Older Toilet

Older toilets have older parts and break down more frequently as the years pass by. If you experience a slow-flushing toilet, it could simply be that the moving parts of the toilet are not operating properly any longer.

Loose gaskets, worn parts, or broken pieces can all contribute to the problem, something you local plumbing professional can address in a timely manner. In addition to fixing the toilet, they can recommend a new water conserving toilet that will run more effectively on less water.

2. One or More Severely Clogged Pipes

The biggest issue with clogged pipes is that you have little idea of the trouble deep down the pipes until a severe clog or break in the pipes occur. One way to tell there is trouble is when the toilet begins flushing slower.

This is because too many items that should be placed in the trash are finding their way into the toilet and getting stuck on the way out of the house. Items like paper towels, baby wipes, condoms, dental floss, and even sanitary napkins can become the starting point for clogs in your pipes.

Once one item gets stuck, other items easily are attracted to the pieces and begin to collect until water can no longer pass through the pipes easily.

3. An Issue With Improper Venting

The plumbing venting system is an important part of the system, allowing water to flush easily from the toilet to the pipes and to the curb. There are a number of ways the pipes can become damaged and restrict the flow of water from the toilet.

The vents usually exit through the roof, and you should be able to see the tips of the pipe from the street. If the pipes are damaged or missing, a severe storm or even animals could have caused an issue with the venting. Call your local plumbing professional as they can quickly test and replace any damage to restore the flow of water from the toilet.

Your Chattanooga, TN toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call Metro Sewer & Plumbing at (423) 855-0967 today, and get your toilet working!

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