You Need a New Garbage Disposal!

Here’s Why

So What is a Garbage Disposal and what Benefits can it Bring Me?

To begin, a garbage disposal is a motorized kitchen appliance that grinds food into small pieces that can pass through your plumbing. A switch turns the blades on and off in the appliance. It is installed underneath your kitchen sink and connects to your existing plumbing system.

One of the most touted benefits of a garbage disposal is that it will help prevent clogs in your pipes. Large pieces of food scraps and leftovers flushed down your drain can get lodged in pipes and cause clogs.

A disposal will grind the scraps into small pieces that will easily pass through the plumbing system. There are also many quiet operation models of disposals for people who prefer a disposal that creates minimal noise.

Having a Garbage Disposal in your Home is Convenient and Will Save You Time

If you love to cook and prepare food from scratch than a disposal system will be a big convenience for you. Instead of having to pick ups potato peelings, and other vegetable scraps and placing them in a dumpster you can just push them down your drain and grind them using a disposal. Another benefit is that you will reduce the amount of waste you will produce.

Yet another benefit that a lot of people enjoy is no more smelly or rotting vegetables in your trash can. Vegetable skins, and meat scraps can begin to decay when left in your trash can. A garbage disposal eliminates this problem. Having a disposal will also save you time when washing dishes and when you cleanup up after you are finished eating.

A Garbage Disposal can Increase the Value of Your Home and has Many Environmental Benefits.

Did you know that installing a garbage disposal system in your home can add to the value and increase the appeal of your home? That’s right, many real estate agents say that most buyers expect a disposal system to already be in a home.

If you wish to rent your home out or sell it, installing a disposal can increase your chance of getting a renter or buyer for your home. Using a garbage disposal cuts down on the amount of waste being sent to a landfill. Food scraps decay and release greenhouse gases in landfills which contributes to pollution of the air.

The crushed food scraps from disposal systems is also used by some municipalities as a source of biogas. Biogas is a source of renewable energy that can be used to power waste treatment facilities and can even be used by others.

The food scraps from garbage disposals can also be turned into fertilizer for use in agriculture, further eliminating waste. By installing a garbage disposal system you will add value to your home, reduce waste and become more green. Disposals are affordable, easy to install and will pay off in the long term.

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