AC Tune-Up in Dalton, GA

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No one wants their air conditioning to quit working in the middle of the hot Georgia summers. That’s why reliable maintenance done by a professional contractor is crucial. To prevent needing alternative methods for cooling or having to pay for expensive repairs just to keep the home at a reasonable temperature, take advantage of regular AC tune-ups. Our technicians at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are able to do the tune-up for you and help keep your home cool. 

AC Maintenance

Keeping the air conditioner running is crucial, and a big part of that is being proactive and protecting the system from wear and tear. The time to look into an AC tune-up near you is during the winter or spring to make sure the system can work properly throughout the summer. Otherwise, it’s possible the air conditioner will break down when it’s needed the most, which can lead to expensive emergency repairs. 

Why a Tune-Up is Needed

Homeowners frequently find the HVAC tune-up cost is well worth it compared to what can happen if it’s skipped. Air conditioners should last around 10 years, but they’ll end up having to be replaced much sooner without proper care. Eventually, the unit will break down more frequently, and it’ll be necessary to look into a replacement. 

Air conditioners are going to need repairs from time to time. By having an AC tune-up in Dalton, done regularly, though, wear and tear can be caught early. As parts break down, they can be detected and replaced. If an air conditioning tune-up isn’t done, it’s possible the worn parts won’t be noticed until the unit breaks down. It could have been a quick fix if it was caught during the air conditioning tune-up, but instead, it’s going to be more expensive as other parts may need to be repaired, too. 

A more efficient unit is going to lead to lower energy costs. If the unit is dirty or the refrigerant is low, the system won’t work as efficiently as it should. What that ends up meaning is homeowners spend more money on energy costs. Instead, by having an AC tune-up done, homeowners can save money every month on their energy bills, which can add up to big savings. 

How AC Tune-Up in is Done

Our expert technicians are experienced and trained to do the maintenance on any type of air conditioning system. We know what to do when we’re inspecting and maintaining your system. During an AC tune-up near Dalton, there are a number of things our technicians will do. 

The technician will clean the condenser coils without causing any damage to them. If they are dirty, the transfer of heat is slowed, so the air conditioner works harder to keep the home cool. Once they’re clean, the unit should work more efficiently. Along with this, the air filter can be cleaned or changed to increase airflow and improve the air quality inside. We’ll also clean the vents so they can work properly, too. 

Our technicians will additionally do a thorough inspection to determine if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. This includes all of the air conditioner’s components, as parts will wear down over time. By catching issues early, they can prevent damage to the system and ensure the unit works throughout the summer.

Expert Help for an AC Tune-Up in Dalton, GA

For an AC tune-up in Dalton you’ll want to work only with the best. Our team consists of local and licensed experts in HVAC who know how to work on any AC system and can make sure yours is in fantastic shape. They are trained to provide a reliable service, so you don’t have to worry about anything being missed or overlooked. 

We make sure to provide the best service and can help with emergency repairs as well as same-day service for minor repairs if anything does go wrong. Our team will make sure your air conditioning is always working properly so you can be comfortable at home. 

If you want to keep your air conditioner in good shape and save money on repairs, energy costs, and more, Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our team of experts is ready to tackle the maintenance needed to prevent major repairs and ensure your AC unit can keep the home cool throughout the summer. Call us today to schedule your tune-up or to learn more about the service we offer.